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Beeping Noise in Aircon Unit – What Causes It?


When the summer season is in full swing, you will love it when you have summer clothes on and also when your AC is in full working mode. After some time, you might notice that your aircon is making a beeping noise every time you switch it on. If you notice this, then understand that it is time to look for professional help.

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What Makes Your AC Beep?

Here are some of the reasons that can make your aircon unit make a constant beeping noise.

  • The main reason for aircon beeping is loose wire. The loosened wire can abrupt the flow of electricity to the central part of the aircon unit and as a result the beeping noise.
  • The fan blade frame and motor are the two main units of an indoor motor in an aircon unit. When these two units loosen or break, it will cause a chain reaction. The metal will cling to the fan blade and result in the beeping noise.
  • The sensor unit in the aircon will normally make the beeping sound indicating that the power supply is disconnected. You have to check the circuit breaker in your home to ensure that no wire has tripped. If you find any defective circuit, then fix the issue, and flip the unit off and on again. This will reset the whole system.

If there is still the beeping noise in your aircon, then understand that it is time to hire the help of a professional.

  • When the sensor unit in the aircon becomes damaged, it will result in a continuous beeping sound. The right way of taking care of this problem is with the help of a professional.
  • The beeping noise in the aircon can be because of excess condensation in the HVAC system. You can take care of this issue by hiring professional help.
  • The basic meaning of a beeping noise in the aircon is that the filter in the unit has worn out and it is time to change the filter with a new one. Sometimes the low battery in the remote controller can also become the cause of the beeping noise.
  • If there is not enough supply of air for your aircon unit to blow into the room, then it will either blink or can make the beeping noise.
  • The leakage in the refrigerant can cause your aircon unit to either blink the warning sign or make a beeping noise.
  • Improper maintenance of the aircon unit is one of the major reasons for beeping noise.

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