Swim spas are a fantastic addition to any family home, providing a source of exercise whilst also somewhere for rest and relaxation. Many people come to us asking whether children can benefit from using a swim spa, and whether it’s worthwhile investing in one which the whole family can make use of.

The short answer is yes! Children can absolutely use a swim spa, and they provide many benefits for people of all ages. 

From practicing different swimming strokes through to providing some rest, relaxation or comfort for aching muscles, the addition of a swim spa could be one of the best investments you make for your family. 

Of course, there are some practical measures you need to consider if you want your children to benefit from a swim spa, and in this article we’ll be taking a look at how you can ensure that they get the most out of it.

Are swim spas safe for children?

As with any kind of body of water, it’s imperative that you take appropriate safety precautions when children are using a swim spa. Just like you would if the children were swimming in a traditional swimming pool, you should never leave them unattended – particularly if they are young.

You may also want to ensure that your kids have basic swimming skills and that they are strong enough to swim against the current in a swim spa so that they don’t get into difficulty.

As a swim spa can also be used as a hot tub, you should keep an eye on the temperature within the spa itself. You shouldn’t have the spa too hot when children are using it – in fact kids can stay in the spa for 15 minutes if the temperature to just below body temperature (37 Degrees Celsius), or for longer stretches of time if you reduce the temperature to the same as a standard pool (26 – 28 Degrees Celsius). 

Please also remember that under no circumstances a baby should ever get into a swim spa, even if accompanied by its parents. 

What can children do in a swim spa?

Other than relaxing with the family, a swim spa is a great tool for children to hone in on their swimming skills.

With different settings and options, the swim spa can be set up to help guide and support a child on their swimming journey. Whether they are just starting out or want to get some more practice in, what better way than to enjoy the use of a swim spa in the comfort of your own garden.

Plus, there is loads of fun to be had in a swim spa with friends and family. Why not invite some school mates over for a splash around in the summer – add a beach ball or some inflatables and you’ve got an instant pool party! You’ll be the talk of the class!

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Robert Killin

The author Robert Killin