The Value of Oiling Your Sliding Patio Doors

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Sliding doors blend aesthetics, functionality and safety seamlessly. A swing and slide door is the perfect solution when you want to save space. It’s also ideal when you want to get maximum natural light in a room. If you have a patio garden, a sliding door is the most practical choice. Sliding doors, however, are only beneficial if they function as required. Proper maintenance is necessary if your sliding door is to stay in good condition for the duration of its lifetime. Oiling is a big part of the care that a sliding door requires. Here’s why.

Reduce Wear

A sliding door runs on a track at the top and bottom. The contact between the wheels and track causes significant friction. If a door is in constant use, the rate of friction increases. Lubrication with oil helps to decrease friction when opening and closing the door. Without oiling the door, the track and wheels will wear out at a fast pace. Undue friction will erode the metal. Your sliding door will suffer damage faster than a well-maintained installation. Some sliding doors come with 10-year warranties. You can click here to see some examples. However, if you don’t oil the tracks, such a door might need replacement in a fraction of the time.

Smooth Operation

Lubricated sliding doors are easy to operate. When the sliding mechanism is too dry and clogged with debris, opening and closing the door can be tedious. You will have to exert more effort than typically necessary to pull the door or push it in such cases. Doing this every time you need to go to the garden can be frustrating. Children might find it impossible to operate the door. It might have to stay up open most of the time. Accident risks also exist when people have to pull hard at a door to open. Properly oiled doors will keep the tracks, seals and gaskets smooth for easy operation.

Save Money

Imagine having to replace your sliding doors only three years after installation because they don’t work properly anymore. Also, the costs you would incur to replace gaskets and seals due to premature wear are enormous. Recurring repairs are issues that might cost you good money when a sliding door is in poor condition. Such expenses can increase the cost of ownership of a sliding door considerably. You can slash these costs by oiling your swing and slide door at least twice a year.

Use the Right Products

Now that you understand the value oiling has on the life of your sliding doors, ensure to use the correct products for lubrication. Not every oil product on the market is ideal for your installation. Oils come in different compositions and strengths. The one you select should correspond with the door’s material. Manufacturers of sliding doors usually give information on proper maintenance procedures. Besides oil, choose cleaning agents and tools properly. Confirm with the supplier or installers on what works for your door.

Sliding doors require regular oiling to keep them operating at top capacity. With the right products, you can keep your patio or garden doors in great shape.


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