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What Are The Safety Measures While Installing The Energy Efficient Windows, Doors and Skylights?


Energy efficient windows, doors and skylights, particularly of the ENERGY STAR, are essential requirements to install in order to save energy and reduce the cost of energy. However, you need to take care of a few things for the appropriate installation of the materials. Despite your purchasing of right and appropriate ENERGY STAR windows, doors and skylights, they may be drafty if you do not take adequate care while installing. Take the professional help of Cartier Renovations doors to ensure proper installation of your energy efficient windows, door and skylights.

Every ENERGY STAR product has user instructions from the manufacturer in the package. You can also avail the instructions online. It is extremely important to stick to the instructions while installing the ENERGY STAR energy efficient materials. Often, the manufacturers do not allow the warranty if you do not follow the user instructions provided by the manufacturer while installing your energy efficient windows, doors, and skylights.

While seeking professional assistance, ask whether the professional has a license or certification for installing the ENERGY STAR materials. In some cases, the manufacturers have their own certified installation professionals. You may not get the warranties for your materials if you do not install your windows, doors, and skylights by the manufacturer certified professionals.

One of the important safety measures you need to take care while installing your energy efficient windows, doors and skylight is protecting your family from lead-related disasters. If you won or reside in a house that is built in 1978, it may have lead-based paint. You should well in advance take the help of lead professionals and inspect for the existence of lead paint in your house. The lead dust from lead paints causes lead poisoning in children. As per the new EPA rules, any professional or contractor or the landlord, replacing the window, door or skylight must follow lead-safe work practices to avoid lead dust hazards. As per the instruction, all contractors and landlords must provide a lead precautionary brochure to the house owners before installing the windows, doors and skylights.

There are other components like SHGC or the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient for you to take care in order to further enhance your energy savings besides the installation of energy efficient windows, doors and skylights. Besides SHGC, look for or learn about natural seasonal shading, air leaks to ensure and check heat loss, and condensation, to maximise your energy saving while installing your energy efficient windows, doors and skylights.

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