Factors to consider while planting a tree


Trees are a valuable form of nature. They not only add beauty to the property landscape but, increase its valuation. Trees provide food, shelter, add beauty to the landscape, cools your home, block cold in winter, increases oxygen levels, decreases your energy bills and increases ground level water. But, planting trees is not as simple as it looks. Plantation should be done after thorough research on the botanic knowledge of the plants, soil texture, and climatic conditions. A healthy plant will protect the property properly and will provide you with ample fruits, flowers, and foliage. A tree which is not suitable as per the soil type, climate conditions will lead to its unhealthy growth and reduced life span. Mississauga tree removal services give you tips for factors to consider while planting any tree.

Following factors you should consider while planting any tree:

1)    Check the right time to plant a tree: The good health of the tree depends on its planting time also. Planting as per the season and the weather conditions determine its good health. Trees should be planted in fall season after a leaf drop or in early spring before the bud break. At this time, the weather condition is cool, which allows plants to get firmly rooted in the soil. Early spring is further followed by rains and summer heat which further promotes good growth and health. However, in tropical and subtropical places, you can plant the trees throughout the year with ample water supply. Planting in rains in these places allows further growth.

2)    Avoid transplant shock while transferring the trees: In case of balled, burlapped and container trees, there is a risk of getting the transplant shock during the transfer from nursery to lawn area. Take care of your plants at this time. Do proper siting and proper handling to avoid shock situation. Take precaution while you transfer trees from containers to lawn else, you may end up cutting their roots.

3)    The hole should be of right-sized: Getting the right sized hole is important for the proper health of the plant. Measure the root ball first, and then dig the hole. Generally, the hole should be of the same depth as the root ball. Avoid planting a tree in glazed holes created by spades.

These holes can stop the roots from spreading.

4)    Ensure proper drainage: Ensure proper drainage while planting trees. If the water is not absorbed by the surroundings after putting water, then there is some issue with the drainage. Get the plantation done on the other side or get the extra drainage done through Mississauga tree removal services.

5)    Mulching:  Last but not least, is the mulching process. Put one inch of compost and one inch of mulch. Do mulching in tapering shape so that the mulch goes deeper and deeper in the soil.

6)    Finally, plant the tree: Get the plantation done properly on the ground. Add water regularly so that tree gets firmed on the ground. It is important to establish a solid root system.

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