How To Use The Foam Spray Efficiently

How To Use The Foam Spray Efficiently

When the car’s air conditioning is switched on if there is an unpleasant smell and if sometimes reduced airflow from the air vents are noticed, then this can be avoided by using car air conditioner cleaner foam spray ( เปร ย์ โฟม ล้าง แอร์ รถยนต์, which is the term in Thai). Before using the foam spray you need to open all the windows of the car for good ventilation. The settings of the car air conditioner should be off.

And you need to make sure that everything is turned off. Inside the foam spray, a small application tube should be inserted after shaking the foam spray. You can access it from the interior underbody depending on the model of the car. Until the active foam comes out the foam spray should be pressed by pulling the application tube towards you. The access can be wiped off easily. Repeat the same process for every vent in the car.

Sometimes it will turn into a watery substance if you leave the foam. It is perfect as long as the foam drops on the sides. The foam should be left for 10 minutes so that it does its job. Then the air conditioner should be kept at a warm temperature. In the same way, all the air vents should be ventilated. The foam which is left will be cleaned once the air conditioning system is turned on with the lowest temperature to allow the diffusion process.

It is better to keep the diffuser in the foot area of the passenger. The whole process may take 3-4 minutes. After the process, the air conditioner should be turned on in recirculation mode. It helps to remove the dirty filter cartridge exposing the evaporator. You can also fit the cartridge and the glove box can be replaced.

The only responsibility of you is to make sure that there are no people or animals while using the product inside the car. And you need to wait until the liquid and dirt flow into the container. During the process immediately all the doors of the car should be closed and you need to leave the car. Allow the processes of air circulation inside the car. The blower should be turned on; it helps in the process of foam breaking and dirt will be flushed. The main advantage is it removes the bad odor. It is a time-consuming process and easy to clean. Disinfected properties are boosted within less time.

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