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Some Signs that Tells You Your Air Conditioner Need Servicing


During the summer season, the heat can be unbearable and we want to stay in cool and dry places. And in times like these, we will be using our air conditioning system to its full capacity. In hot places, such as Singapore, an air conditioner is an essential part of any household. But using it all the time without maintaining its optimal capacity can damage its components, which can negatively impact its overall performance. It’s better to have it cleaned and maintained by a technician rather than buy a new one, which is more expensive.

With the right aircon servicing, you can enjoy your air conditioner for a long time. But what are the different signs that your most beloved appliance needs maintenance? You can take a look at some of the signs below.

There’s No Cool Air Blowing Out

One of the most common signs that an air conditioner is not fully operating normally is the fact that the air blowing out of it isn’t cool anymore. If your air conditioner is experiencing this right now, it badly needs a maintenance check and a clean-up. The most likely culprit is that its refrigerant levels are low. It may also be because of a damaged compressor.

Limited Airflow Around the Room or House

Another sign that your air conditioner needs to be serviced by an expert technician is if it has limited airflow. It might be due to a clogged filter or blocked ductwork. Dust and dirt can easily accumulate in the vents, which results in blocked ductwork. Aside from that, it may be because of a failing compressor because of regular use, which results in wear and tear of the compressor.

Mysterious Sounds & Bad Smells

If you hear metal sounds or smell burnt wires from the air conditioning unit, then you need to turn it off and have it checked as soon as possible. Metal sounds may be due to a system failure, and it can cause heavy damage to your aircon unit. If it’s burnt wires, then there’s burnt wire insulation, or if it smells musty, then there might be mold growing inside. Call a technician and have the problem fixed right away.

Leaks from the Unit

If you notice your air conditioner has leaks, it might be the refrigerant leaking from the unit itself. You need to have it checked right away because the refrigerant is dangerous to both humans and animals. If it’s water, then there might be a clogged drain tube. It can lead to larger problems if you ignore it, even though it’s not as potentially dangerous as a refrigerant leak. 

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