Unless you’ve really planned it well right down to the last detail, shifting from one house to another can indeed be a frustrating and painful experience both for you and your family. The more focus you put into putting all the shifting points in place, the sooner your house shifting will be over. However, along with detailed planning, there some elements to which you need to pay special attention. In this article, we will share some tips for making your house shifting smooth and hassle-free. godrej river hills 2 bhk mahalunge

Extensively research the logistics company

The entire packing and unpacking of your entire household will be done by personnel from the logistics company, which is why you must evaluate the company in detail. You do your homework on their credentials and capacity to move your belongings with zero glitches. Along with going through their website, do try and talk to a few clients to get a first-hand report on their house shifting experience with the company. It is imperative that they have a valid national license to transport goods, which will ensure that they don’t come into any trouble with the authorities and  your household items are not unnecessarily held up in their journey to your new home.

Smaller boxes are more stable

Avoid packing all the heavy items together in one big crate, as that will cause them to bang against each other and thy are likely to break. Instead, pack them in smaller boxes so that they can be evenly placed against one another in the transport vehicle. This way, they will stay safe and unbroken when unpacked at the destination.

Utilise all available cardboard boxes

When you are shifting home, there is always a strong temptation to buy new packing material for storing the household items. However, this way you will end up spending a lot of money, which you can save by using all available cardboard boxes and other packing material for the same. godrej river hills 3 bhk mahalunge

The area of your new home matters

More often than not, we impulsively pack all the items in our current house when we are shifting to a new house. However. Before doing so, you must evaluate the area of your new house to confirm if all that you’re packing can be comfortably placed there. It should not happen that when you unpack in the new house, you have to discard some items due to lack of space.

Keep your Bill of Lading from getting lost

The Bill of Lading is an extremely important document, which contains details of all your household items and the transportation contract guidelines. This legal document is proof of the fact that these many items are being taken from your current house and the same items will be unpacked at your new house. Till your belongings are unpacked, this document should be in your safe custody. For your safety, you may photocopy the document, but do remember that in case of any dispute with the logistics company, only the original document, duly stamped and signed by both you and the company, will be considered.

Do not leave any taxes unpaid

Have a clear understanding with the packers and movers on all the taxes which have to be paid by you. Do your homework clearly, as these taxes are not uniform across India but differ from state to state and so do the penalties. Should you show any lapse in this regard, it will affect the smooth movement of your household items, not to mention the penalties you will have to pay.

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