A home or office can become an ideal place that you never want to leave. Many people believe that money can buy everything, including a large apartment, but one thing they will never buy is a house. What is needed to optimize this space? Many would say that it is an investment and a luxury. However, what few know is that the secret ingredient is the choice of a suitable lamp.

Why choose a table lamp?

Table lamps

They are the ones that stand out the most for their design: the more extravagant they are, the more perfect they will be. A warmer space can be achieved thanks to indirect light. They can also be played with, using them as a backlight or secondary light.

Where can a table lamp be placed?

Living room: this is one of the main areas of the house, since here we receive our friends, family and visitors. Therefore, the lamps should have warm designs and semi-opaque fabric tones, so that they can give the same effect.

Dining room: this area of ​​the house deserves your full attention, as it is the place where family members eat lunch and share a special space. This room rests on the main table, but is generally complemented by side tables. Having them is an excellent idea, since by placing two of them at the ends of the room you get a magical feeling of warmth and harmony.

Bedside table, in the room: having an atollo lamp replica in your room is ideal, as it will allow you to read, check your laptop or watch television perfectly. You should find the ideal angle, so that the table lamp does not stay up high and end up disturbing someone who is sleeping while someone else is reading.

Study or office: whether to work or study, you can spend hours in the study doing an activity. That’s why proper lighting is vital to working efficiently and in focus. The light from the bulb should be clear and, if possible, directed to the workspace. It is also important that the contrast of the light is not too direct, so that your eyes are protected.

The hallway: This part of the house is one of the most neglected. However, when it is lit up, it can become an amazing place. It is very common for people to place a telephone in the hallway, so a decorative table lamp is recommended for proper lighting that makes the rest of the house shine.

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