How to Maintain a Garden in Singapore?


If you are new to gardening but are eager to learn then congratulations! Enthusiasm is the first element required to truly establish a great garden. You need to do your research about garden maintenance so you will know how to buy the right plants and gardening equipment. This is because setting up a new garden and maintaining an existing one are two different things.

Visit a Plant Seller

There are two options available to you. First, you could buy a seedling or you can buy an adult plant. Buying a seedling is a great idea if you have enough space to accommodate its growth. But buying an adult plant is useful if you’re not sure about the space issue.

The great thing about buying a seedling is that you get to watch it grow into an adult plant. You may ask the plant seller for tips about raising the plant. Does the plant need full sunlight or will partial shade be acceptable? Will it be putting out flowers eventually? How do you propagate it, in case you want more of it? Does the plant require lots of water? How much sunlight, water, and fertilization does it need?

Check for Diseases

If this is your first time raising that kind of plant, you definitely should keep an eye out for plant diseases. You may do your research online about this. Or you can seek out expert gardening services in Singapore to provide the right assistance.

One way to spot diseases is to examine the leaves and stalks of your plant. Do the leaves look too pale or have some blotches on them? Are the leaves falling at an alarming rate? Is the plant suddenly wilting despite your vigilance? Did aphids suddenly appear on the underside of leaves? These are all red flags that you need to pay attention to.

You should also check the soil. Are there any insects running around that weren’t there before? Does the soil seem to be overflowing with moisture all the time? Ideally, only “safe” insects should be present in the soil. The soil should also drain properly so the roots don’t rot. If the soil is too dry however that can also affect the survival of your plant. When these elements are present, your plant weakens and becomes more susceptible to plant disease as well.

If you are planning to maintain a garden in Singapore, you may tap the services of the Urban Landscape Company. We have the right mix of skills and experience to answer your gardening-related questions and provide solutions. So contact us today so we can assist you.

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