Application of material handling equipment


Material handling is the activity that involves moving products and goods within the manufacturing industry, warehouses, or gated areas. It requires material handling equipment that can be manual, semi-automated, or automated. The types of equipment increase the efficiency of the material handling systems. The main reason for having material handling equipment is to prevent any accident that can cause damages to the goods. The applicational areas which require material handling equipment tend to hire while others buy them from authorized company service such as adrighem for their services. Some of the applications are:

Manufacturing industry

In the manufacturing industry, material handling equipment is essential. It helps in choosing the right equipment for the material hence reducing the cost and increase productivity. Material handling equipment is for loading and unloading bags, crates, and packages in the manufacturing industry. Material handling machines are critical in the metal processing and manufacturing industry for handling heavy metals and high temperatures and are even involved in handling hot metals. Other types of equipment are for moving workers to different heights for repairs and construction purposes within the industry and transportation of small goods to the required areas. Some of the material handling equipment used are cranes and forklifts. Every department in the manufacturing industry has different material handling equipment used.

Building and construction industry

The world-class building infrastructure demands the advanced moving and lifting of material and equipment in the construction sector. The industry currently uses a wide range of cranes and other material handling equipment to move and lift construction material within the construction site. Different machines are used in the construction industry as automated guided vehicles to transport heavy equipment and raw material within the construction site.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical industry

Healthcare and pharmaceutical sector has been in the first line to advance to material handling equipment in their operation. Specific material handling equipment is used in medical and pharmaceutical warehouses to reduce the risk of recalls, fines, and loss of licenses. The commonly used are telescopic conveyors for handling cartons, small bottles in the pharmaceutical industry. Through the use of these material handling machines to ensure high standards of hygiene and safety of products. The industry depends on specific conveyors to operate. It uses designed conveys systems to handle medicines and other materials in their warehouses, making them clean and easy to maintain when required. Those conveyors systems come in many shapes and sizes including, belt conveyors, extendable conveyors, heavy-duty roller conveyors, and line shaft conveyors.

Food industry

The food industry has not been left out of using material handling equipment. It requires equipment everyday day from receiving raw material to processing, production packing, and even storage. Material handling is important for better storage, stock control, and safety of products produced. Different types of material handling equipment are used, such as conveyors systems, telescoping conveyors, forklifts, scissor lifts, and manipulators. 

It is important to have material handling equipment since it can be used in different departments in the industry to increase the productivity of the work.


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