Certain Things That Your Builders Want You to Know About House Extension

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7 things to consider when planning an extension | Precision Builders

Do you find shortage of space? Then a home extensions new lambton can be your best solution. However, extending the home can always be a costly project, so you have to see all pros and cons before going ahead with the project.

There are a few key things that you must know before considering renovation and extension of your existing home to ensure that you can get the best out of your project. While taking the help of any local builder like Built, you must consider the following few things to avoid headache of renovation.

  • Ensure that your house extension project adds value

Ensure that your house extension makes good economic sense.

  • How big should you build your house extension?

Bigger is not necessarily better rather with certain smaller extensions too, you can increase space by taking the help of a renovation and extension expert.

  • House extensions above a first floor

If you are planning to build above the first floor then ensure that the building foundation will support it.

  • Should you live on-site?

You may face dust and mess near the site, but you can monitor the progress.

  • Connecting the old part and the new

It is necessary that your new house extension must complement/contrast with your main house.

  • Building off-site may save time and money

Most construction work happens off-site, where components are delivered to the site.

  • Should you manage your own house extension project?

Managing any building project needs high patience, problem-solving, and also decision-making skills.

  • Site Insurance will be a must

While carrying out your house extension you must have site insurance with a certain A-rated insurer.

  • Check if trees will be protected

You need to take the permission if any trees need to be removed.

  • Do not forget a contingency budget

A healthy contingency plan must be considered to cover any surprise cost


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