Watch Out For These 6 Red Flags In Your Flooring Contractor!


Many household owners have been seeking the help of a flooring supplier in Singapore. These experts have skills, expertise, and knowledge in laminating floors. They can also recommend to household owners which shapes, colours, and materials best suit their homes. And whether you’re renovating your home flooring, adding tile to your bathroom floors, or refinishing your dining room wood flooring, having a professional here and there can help finish your home makeover project.

However, there comes a challenge with finding a flooring contractor in Singapore. Be wary of these six warning signs and red flags that may indicate you should let go of your current flooring service provider.


For whatever service you’re getting, it is crucial that you should work with someone or a team with excusable behaviour. And with this project makeover, the association with your flooring contractor in Singapore can be the secret to success. Do business with a team of competent and reliable members. If your contractor often shows up late, leaves early, talks to you rudely, or shows inexcusable behaviour, whether physical, verbal, or non-verbal, change them ASAP.


If your flooring contractor in Singapore asks for more than 50% of the total costs at the start of the project, it may be a warning sign. Asking for too much upfront is a red flag. Reputable and trusty flooring companies have enough credit and capability to work with what they have, covering most of the up-front costs of the entire development.


Besides asking for too much money upfront, another red flag to watch out for is low-ball bidding. If your flooring supplier in Singapore offers an amount significantly lower than competing estimates, it may also mean low-quality materials and poor results. The bidding should not exceed at least 25% from other calculations. Now, if your flooring service provider gives you a low amount of bidding, you can continue working with them at your own risk or terminate your current business with them at this time.


Whether wood, PVC, or vinyl, your flooring supplier in Singapore should have a contract. It should include the fixed price, cost-plus, time and material costs, unit pricing, names of the contractor and homeowner, the contact information of the two parties, legal terms, completion date, and warranties. It should also explain the rights to stop the project and withhold payment, legalities for breach of contract, and the like. If your contractor has no written document, walk away from the partnership.


If your flooring supplier in Singapore shows any sign of incompetency, walk away. If they fail to solve any issues arising within the duration of the project or are unable to answer any query regarding the overall project, including the flooring budget, schedule, and total costs, consider ending business with your current contractor.


If your contractor gets involved with any crime during the process of your flooring projects, such as alcohol abuse, theft, or drugs, these can be your warning signs and grounds for instant termination. Stop the business and find a new flooring contractor in Singapore.

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