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Tips to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Pool


A swimming pool is a fun addition for any house where not only you relax, stay fit but also have a memorable time with your family. However, it is also a large energy sucker which can take your utility bill quite high. This can drain your finances seriously. We thus, share some valuable tips to help you lower your pool energy bills.

  • Pool covers

Pool covers are used mainly to stop water from evaporating, but they can also be your ultimate solution for reducing energy consumption. By reducing evaporation, it reduces the usage of the pool’s energy-intensive systems like heating and filtration. It also prevents leaves and another debris fall in the pool and makes the water dirty. Thus, the need to clean is also minimized, and you save energy. To gather more information and shop for pool covers; you can visit us at


  • Energy efficient pool pump


Another simple trick is to use an energy-efficient pool pump. The pump is like the engine of your car. It should not be too large or too small for your pool but should be perfectly optimized to the volume of your pool. The pool pumps also carry the energy efficiency ratings like most other electrical appliance. Buying a higher star rated pump might look expensive in the beginning but prove highly cost-efficient.

  • Install a windbreak

Blowing of the wind can start anytime, and it can accelerate the rate of evaporation of the pool water. Sometimes you do not get sufficient time to even put its covers on. At that time, a windbreak comes in handy. It can be easily installed in your swimming pool’s fence, and it is excellent at cutting down the loss of water due to evaporation and thus save you energy.

Installing a pump timer, regular cleaning of the water inlet and filters, etc. are some other ways in which you can easily control your utility bill.


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