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Hiring an Interior Designer: Another Perspective!


Are you planning to do interior decoration at affordable prices? Have you been searching online and couldn’t found any lead? Well, you have come to the right place. Before hiring a professional designer, it is best that you go through some details. These details will facilitate your decision regarding Singapore interior design. An interior decorator not only helps you selecting the best furniture but also bring a harmony and peace to the atmosphere. But, do you know the difference between a decorator and an interior designer?

Tips for finding an interior designer

Decorators can help you decide on the color of your furniture, decorative accessories, paint your wall and tile type that goes best with your spaces. Although it can also help you develop spaces that are consistent in use, ergonomics and lighting technique. It will help you create more functional spaces that adapt to your needs.

The professional dedicated to interior design must follow certain techniques when carrying out the project for which he will be hired. You must begin by conducting research and analysis of various aspects. You should prioritize your needs and comfort, etc. It is important to have an idea of ​​the spaces you want to decorate. Although, the interior designer’s task will be to propose ideas, it is important that you have a base of the different styles that exist. 

Residential interior décor 

Residential design refers to habitable places, that is, it does not include the decorative design of offices or businesses. This type of designer is recommended if you want to create comfortable spaces in your apartment or house. They pay attention to aspects such as your family life.

Commercial décor 

The commercial designer is ideal if you want to create more pleasant spaces in your business; includes offices, lobbies, and restaurants, etc. This type of designer will take care of pleasing you, but mainly your clients and will offer you all the possibilities so that they feel very well received. They will pay special attention to the efficient flow of people in your business and the possibilities for it to grow.

Ecological design 

Environmental and ecological design, also known as sustainable, prioritizes materials that do not affect the environment. This type of design can be applied to residential and commercial. Currently this type of designers usually suggest the use of lamps with led spotlights, ecological air systems and the use of solar panels for power generation.


Achieving a good interior design can be a difficult task. It is not enough to find the best size furniture and decorative objects that are pleasing to the eye. The interior designer will observe and analyze which is the best space to place a certain thing. Some of the main elements that make up a good design are: balance of space, style and size of furniture and above all, functionality in space. Before you choose an interior designer, it is best to evaluate these aspects: market reputation, client base, successful projects, budget, creativity and idea, is he a seller or a listener (a professional interior designer never pushes sells ideas, but listens to his customers), etc.


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