Sustainable Remodel Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Home


Sustainability is a very big trend in this day and age, and for a good reason. An eco-friendly and energy-efficient home doesn’t only minimize one’s carbon footprint but also saves a lot of money on utilities in the long run. This is precisely why sustainable homes (or aspects of the home) are much more valuable on the real estate market. In case you’re planning to sell and would like to focus on remodelling projects that will boost the resale value of your home the best, keep in mind the following ideas.

Consider Installing Eco-Friendly Flooring

Flooring in general is a rather important aspect for potential buyers when they’re considering whether to purchase the home or not. That said, old and worn-looking floors are a big no-no, especially if you want to make a good sale. But if you already have to replace your old floors, make it a point to opt for eco-friendly flooring solutions. These tend to be durable, easily maintained, and most importantly, they don’t harm the environment.

Improve the Insulation of Your Home

When insulation is concerned, the walls are first that come to mind. If possible, discuss the best insulating techniques for your particular home with the contractors so that you can find the ideal solution together. Insulated walls will keep the air warm or cool indoors for longer which will automatically minimize the need for air-cons and heaters, thus reducing the electricity waste. Aside from walls, address the condition of your windows and doors. They can also be the cause for the air escaping too quickly. Modern doors and double-glazed windows are definitely worth the investment in this case.

Install Adequate Fire Duct and Ventilation System

In order for the future homeowners to live a healthy, safe and sustainable life inside the home you want to sell, you need to think about the air quality and fire hazard protection, too. In that respect, installing top-quality fire Thorduct and ventilation system is a must if you want to boost sustainability and value of your place. Furthermore, always opt for the renowned product since you want to provide a truly efficient environment that won’t require costly repairs every once in a while.

Go with LEDs for Your Bulbs of Choice

This is a rather simple remodelling project so if you need to start with something easily achievable sustainability-wise in order to boost the resale value of your home, definitely replace your ordinary bulbs with LED ones. Essentially, LED bulbs tend to last longer yet they don’t waste as much electricity as regular bulbs. Not to mention that LED bulbs that emit a warmer, more yellowish light tend to be a lot more comfortable for the eyes.

Update the Paintwork with Low-VOC Paint

Fresh paintwork can make a world of difference when you’re presenting your home to the potential buyers. But, if you want to up the value of your place even more and showcase the sustainable aspect of it, make it a point to use low-VOC paint. Basically, VOCs are volatile organic compounds that can be toxic, thus causing harm to one’s health and environment in general. Therefore, low-VOC and even zero-VOC paint is naturally the right choice for an eco-friendly and healthy personal environment.

Green Up Your Yard

The more greenery your outdoors has the better it is for the future homeowners and the final price you can get from the sale. It’s not necessary to hire professional landscapers unless you really want to. But it’s more than enough to keep the lawn fresh and tidy, use low-maintenance plants and shrubbery for the décor and maybe even plant a tree or two for additional shade. Of course, a living fence is also a great idea if it’s possible for your particular property. Also, consider setting up a rainwater irrigation system which will allow the homeowners to water the plants without actually wasting water.

Make the Most Out of Smart Tech

If you really want to go all out and effectively boost the sustainability and value of your home, utilizing smart technology where possible can pay off greatly. For starters, installing thermostats that can be managed and controlled via an app is a rather efficient way to stay green and energy efficient. You can do the same for the lights both in and outside your home, too.

There are always different things that you can improve in your home when your focus is on the sustainability and value boost. But, even with the above-mentioned remodelling projects, you’re bound to impress the potential buyers. Of course, depending on the current condition of your home, there might be no need for every single update from the list – work with what you have in the best interest of the environment, future homeowners and yourself.

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