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MDF Vs Solid Wood: Which one to choose for your Kitchen Cabinet Doors?


If you are in the process of making the cabinets for kitchen, one of the most common dilemmas to sort is whether to choose solid wood or medium-density fiberboard (MDF) for Kitchen Cabinets Mississauga. MDF is often an economical yet water-resistant option as it is made up of resin and recycled wood fibers pressed into solid and dense boards. You may often perceive that solid wood is stronger and durable than MDF which is considered flimsier to solid wood. But, the reality is that both solid wood and MDF have their respective pros and cons. Here are certain aspects that you need to consider while choosing a cabinet for kitchens.

Solid wood: Pros

  1. Strong and durable: Solid wood is very strong and durable due to which it is used for furniture manufacturing. 
  2. Beautiful and elegant: Solid wood comes in beautiful patterns and designs. Different solid wood has a different look and durability. For example, white oak looks more beautiful while red oak is stronger. 
  3. Allows Customization: Solid wood is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, finish, and color due to which it is easy to customize. 
  4. Value to money: Solid wood provides better value to money and better pricing to your property. 

Cons of Solid wood:

  1. Damage from moisture and humidity: Solid woods are prone to humidity and moisture. Therefore, they are not a good choice in places where there are more rains. Quality waterproofing is must when you are choosing solid wood. 
  2. Warping and cracking: Solid woods expands and contracts with changes in moisture and humidity level and temperature fluctuations. As a result, they show warps and cracks. 
  3. Bug Infestation: Solid wood is highly prone to bug infestation and pest attack due to which they need regular maintenance.

Medium Density Fiberwod (MDF): Pros

MDF is an economical yet durable and studier option especially in case of kitchen cabinets. They are available in different density, shapes, sizes, and type. Here are the pros of using MDF:

  1. Withstand warps and cracking: Unlike solid wood, MDF doesn’t warp and develop cracks with changes in temperature and humidity. 
  2. Better finish: Unlike solid wood, MDF doesn’t have noticeable grains. They have a smoother finish as compared to solid wood. 
  3. Allows Customization: MDF is flexible. You can cut them in various shapes and sizes. 
  4. Moisture and humidity resistance: MDF shows high resistance for moisture and humidity level. 
  5. Economical: MDF is more economical than solid wood. They have a longer life as compared to solid wood. 

Cons of MDF:

  1. They aren’t the choice in high temperatures.
  2. They are less strong and durable as compared to solid wood.
  3. Since MDF is made up of fine particles, they are not ideal for holding screws. 
  4. Poor maintenance can cause water absorption. 
  5. It is difficult to repair in case of scratches. 

As a homemaker, you need to consider your choice for Kitchen Cabinets Mississauga as per the various aspects of humidity, temperature, moisture, and the place. 


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