Follow the rules and regulations and live hassle-free


There are certain rules and regulations that we must keep in mind while we look to construct our house. Each country issues a specific type of structure and shape according to which a house should be made. If the house is not made according to the given instructions, the authorities will be free to demolish it.

Take your time to read the rule book

So, it is always better that we carefully study the rules and regulations and then get the map of our house ready by any architect. In order to study the rules, we can take our time. We can take a fair share of time so that no problem occurs in between.

Soft-story buildings and the dangers connected to it

The soft-story buildings are more prone to dangers such as an earthquake. So, if you are looking to construct a similar building, make sure that it is compliant with the Los Angeles Soft story retrofit Program. The program consists of certain rules that we must abide by in order to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Avoid the inconvenience and save yourself

Not only inconvenience will be avoided; rather, our safety will be ensured. Whoever lives with us, their security will also be ensured. So, it is our duty to provide safety to whomsoever living with us. In order to make your soft-story building compliant with the ordinance, you should contact retrofitting 360.

Perform your duty

In this manner, the specialized team of retrofitting 360 will be able to come to your house. They will thoroughly evaluate your property. This initial inspection will be entirely free of cost. The specialists will look over the property and will formalize a compliant structure that will be according to the rules of the Los Angeles Soft-Story Retrofit Program.

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