Trash, when improperly disposed of, can cause big environmental problems to the earth we live in as well as the animals that inhabit it such as birds. You small candy wrapper or a single bottle may seem harmless for you, but even such minor trash can be devastating to birds in numerous ways. Observing proper waste disposal and hiring an expert waste collection Sydney from Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal will ensure that your rubbish is properly and efficiently disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

It is important to understand how litter can hurt birds to realize the importance of our actions to the environment. Below are the reasons how rubbish hurts birds and what measure you can do to keep the environment clean and liveable for them.

  • Rubbish Can Cause Poisoning

Some rubbish or litter are toxic and can poison birds when ingested. Toxiiic trash includes paint chips, heavily moldy food, cigarette butts, and lead casings. Although small amounts of these toxic wastes may not bring immediate harmful effects to small bird or nestlings, tons of chemical substances are toxic and have cumulative effects for the bird which leads to deformities, illnesses and even death. It is important always to observe proper waste disposal and make sure your trash gets disposed of properly by having a skilled rubbish removal Parramatta like Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal to take care of your waste.

  • It Can Cause Block Digestive Tract

Some small trash and plastic litter, especially those that are brightly colored, may seem irresistible to foraging birds. One example is rubber balloons that can block the passage of food for birds and eventually starve them to death. Their small bodies can not ingest trash, and some birds may mistake them for food and feed it to their young ones causing illnesses and even death.

  • Trash Can Lead To Injuries

There are some plastics and sharp shards of glass that can cause injuries in birds when swallowed. Such sharp objects may cut through their thin throats or intestines and eventually cause hemorrhage. Also, strings from kites as well as disposed of fishing lines can become wrapped around birds and cause cuts and amputations to parts of their body. They can also mistake trash as nesting materials which are dangerous for hatchlings as it can strangle and injure them.

  • Attracts Predators

Aside from causing soil and water contamination, discarded food waste can also attract many types of predators. Examples of such predators are rats, foxes, and feral cats. Also, rotting litter creates bacteria which can cause various illnesses to birds and attract pests like mites or ticks.

  • It Can Also Cause Habitat Loss

Litter is known for contaminating water sources as well as pollute the grounds. Places that are heavily littered become unsuitable for nesting, feeding and as a shelter which forces birds to seek out other areas that have greater competition for resources. Also, places that have so much litter or have contaminated soil are less likely to have food sources for birds such as insects and fruit-bearing plants.

Final Word

We can do our part in keeping the environment clean and safe for animals by observing proper waste disposal and using the three Rs, which is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Let us promote being green to our community, dispose of our trash properly and be a good example to other people. We can also extend our eco-friendly ways to our office by visiting the Green Office Partner website, which helps organizations reduce their reliance on paper documents.

David Curry

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