7 Easy Recipes To Cook At Home

7 Easy Recipes To Cook At Home

Are you working from home today? Want to eat something tasty? But are you worried about your diet plan? Common, it’s a cheat day!! We respect your diet but still, you can eat what you wish to for one day. So, here’s a small condo’s menu (เมนู อาหาร คอน โด, which is the term in Thai) that you can make at your condo with minimum ingredients.

  • Fried Rice

Fried rice will always top the list of easy and tasty recipes. You can go with egg fried rice, chicken fried rice, and veg fried rice. You’ll not need too many ingredients. If you don’t have those ingredients you can skip them or add something else as a replacement.

  • Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nugget’s recipe is easy, healthy, and delicious too. You can also prepare those with minimum ingredients. Oh! Don’t forget to have nuggets with sauce. They’ll taste better.

  • Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs taste awesome with bread. The recipe is very small and doesn’t take much time too. And yes, don’t forget to add extra spices. Scrambled eggs taste damn good with extra flavors and spices.

  • Noodles

Cooking noodles is the easiest and quick way. You can cook noodles from the start by adding your own ingredients or you can also use readymade noodles. If you want something more than packed noodles but are tired of cooking them from the start, try adding eggs or boiled chicken to it. Along with these, you can also add more ingredients of your choice.

  • Bread Omelet

Bread omelets are easy to make and effortless. You don’t need many ingredients unless you are very particular about the taste. Just fry some bread first

Then beat eggs and add ingredients of your wish like spring onions, bell peppers, and all. Pour the egg mixture on the bread. Fry them until they are cooked properly. And don’t forget to add cheese!

  • Sweets With Milk Powder

Sweets with milk powder are very tasty. You can make various kinds with the same process. All you’ll need is milk, milk powder, sugar. These will be your basic requirements for any sweet. Just check for recipes on YouTube.

  • Oreo Cake

This recipe has become quite famous during the quarantine. It’s super easy and tasty too. All you need is Oreo biscuits and baking powder. The recipe is available on all search engines. To add more beauty to the cake pour some melted chocolate on it and enjoy the taste.

These snacks can be prepared within no time. Do try them when you are stuck with work. 

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