How to get more customers when you’re a cleaner?


Finding clients has always been one of the main challenges of running cleaning services in Glasgow. To get business, you need to advertise it. Meanwhile, to advertise your service, you need to already have a business in place – it can sometimes seem like a catch 22.

However, there are shortcuts on your way to success. In this article, we will describe some of the main ways you too can promote your business, without hurting your bottom line. Find out the latest industry tips and the secrets others don’t want you to know when it comes to succeeding in the cleaning market.

1.      Develop a marketing plan

No good deed starts without a thorough understanding of the following three questions: What needs to happen? How it can happen? Which paths towards what needs to happen to bring you the most?

A marketing plan will take your house cleaning game to another level. You know you’re trustworthy and reliable, your service is up to par and you haven’t had any issues so far. Marketing is what will help you convince others of the truth of these statements. Having a plan in mind makes the rest of the work cut out for you.

2.      Networking and credibility

Once you get your foot through the door, one of the best ways of finding new clients is through networking. Find opportunities to share your business with others in a friendly way. Connecting with other businesses will help you create more commercial cleaning opportunities, as well as introduce you to some key players. The more connected you are in this industry; the more opportunities will come your way.

Looking to improve your credibility? Ask for reviews! An honest, yet friendly approach is the simplest way to get people on your side and have them invest a few minutes to leave a positive review.

3.      Benefits

Want to quickly and efficiently recruit new customers from other cleaners in Glasgow? Offer a better value proposition. What can you offer your clients which will make them prefer you to your competitors? Assume you both offer a similar level of cleaning, figure out what makes you special and pursue that with a passion.

Make your differences your strength – or add new things. Most often, when two things are highly similar, people tend to choose on impulse. Something as simple as leaving the room smelling nice after every cleaning can be a deal-maker. Find your green flags.

4.      Social media

These days, everyone is on social media. Hours upon hours are spent on various platforms, as they are designed to keep their users constantly scrolling. Having a presence there can make you much more popular with certain demographics.

A Facebook account focused on domestic cleaning in Glasgow may not seem like much, but it’s another way for people to find you, with easy advertisement options. Promote your business with a few minutes a day and you’re guaranteed results.

5.      Cleaning marketplaces

A cleaning marketplace is the first destination to visit when looking for cleaning jobs in Glasgow. Take Cleanifiq for example. With no associated costs, expansive access to potential clients and an instant quote reply option, you open yourself up to a whole new world of business opportunities.

All it requires is competitive pricing and the ability to discuss with your client the details of the cleaning request, so everyone is on the same page. Cleaning marketplaces can easily become one of your main sources of revenue, as you expand your outreach and find a substantial number of new clients. Dry spell? Don’t worry – there are no running costs!

The world is ripe with opportunities to find new clients in your area. Take your chances and you will be rewarded.


David Curry

The author David Curry