5 tips to prepare the window installation area


So, you decided which window replacement is best for you! Now, the next step is to get ready for the residential window installation glen ellyn il process. Remember that it is always best to request professional installation from windows and doors companies instead of DIY approaches. A professional knows how to safely maneuver and install your new windows and follow the manufacturer’s guidance. Still, you’ll have to prepare the window installation area to help your windows and doors contractor with the process. Here are our top five professional tips for cincinnati window installation!

#1 Make sure that the area is clear of obstructions!

Before your windows and doors company arrives, you should make sure the room is clear of all obstructions. For example, any furniture should be removed so that the contractors can maneuver your windows with ease. Also, it is highly recommended to remove all curtains and wall accessories. And if there is any obstruction outside the window, it is best to clear that, too. The windows and doors contractor needs smooth and fast access to the window installation area.

#2 Protect your furniture and other valuable items!

Of course, there isn’t always possible to remove all the furniture. Still, it is highly recommended to move it away from the window. It would also be best if you covered it up, since replacing windows comes with a lot of dust and debris. You can protect your furniture with plastic wrap or cloth.

#3 Protect your flooring, too!

Many homeowners overlook the importance of covering the flooring. Still, installing new windows can damage your flooring and might cause damage beyond repair. It is highly recommended to protect your flooring and cover it with a protective film before the windows and doors company arrives.

#4 Make sure your family can stay somewhere else during the installation!

If you have small children or pets, it is best to have them stay somewhere else while installing new windows. It will prevent unnecessary accidents, while keeping everyone safe. Your contractor will maneuver heavy materials which can pose a safety risk!

#5 Make the necessary arrangements to allow your contractor on the installation site!

If you can’t be at home when the installation crew comes, you should make your home accessible. Discuss with a friend or family member and ask them to meet the crew. But if this isn’t possible, discuss with your windows and doors contractor about other available options.

The bottom line

Planning your window replacement carefully ensures you’ll smoothly make this change in your home. It is best to use a windows and doors company’s services for choosing your new windows and installing them. Also, make sure you follow the tips listed above to prepare the window installation area before the crew arrives!

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