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Truest Deals for the Perfect garden Buildings


It is not necessarily easy to choose a builder when you want to start work in his garden building, and especially if we did not have to do to these trades before. The safest way to make the right choice is to rely on those around you.

Your friends or family will necessarily recommend a builder who has done a good job for them and, in the same way, they will give you the coordinates of those who have disappointed. Trust the experiences of work to your surroundings, it is to assure you of the seriousness of the craftsmen to whom they have already appealed. It is also the opportunity to report yourself, by visiting your family, the result of the intervention of these professionals. With more info for the same, you can have a great time.

Make sure to personally meet the craftsmen

It is advisable to rather choose one of the craftsmen who will not hesitate, before proposing any estimate, to move to your home to know the exact extent of the work to be undertaken.

This visit will also allow you to chat quietly with this professional about your project, to share with him all your wishes and constraints concerning the work you are considering, and especially to know his feelings, to see if he is considering seriously the changes in your home that are important to you.

Check the existence and the legal status of the builder

To be sure of the seriousness of a builder, you must imperatively make sure that he has officially declared his activity and that it corresponds well to the criteria defined by the administration to take advantage of his quality of builder.

Thus, be aware that “the registration in the directory of trades is mandatory for independent persons, physical or moral, employing no more than 10 employees and engaged in a craft activity of production, processing, repair or service delivery”. You can consult the list of craftsmen who correspond to these criteria with the Chamber of Crafts and Crafts of your department which delivers to each of them an identification card.

You can also check the financial health of a builder using websites that can provide you with free or for a few euros all the financial details of a craft company or its possible indebtedness.

Ensure that the builder is affiliated to the compulsory insurance

Working in the field of renovation or construction requires being affiliated with certain insurance to prevent, and especially to resolve, all disputes that may result from work on defects in form, errors, etc.

The builder you will choose to carry out the work in your home must in particular provide you with a proof of insurance contract civil liability decennial (RCD) he has subscribed to cover the ten-year guarantee. The latter guarantees the repair of damage that occurs after the acceptance of the works that is to say after the official completion of the work.

Prefer certified or certified artisans

One of the ways to apprehend and to make sure of the seriousness of a builder is to verify if he is certified and if he obtained some recognized labels in the field of the building. This is the assurance that the artisan meets the standards and procedures in effect in his profession. In particular, all  certifications, intended for building tradesmen, are guarantees of professionalism and skills.


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