What It Takes to Get the Right Apartment for Rent


Renting an apartment makes it an investment, keeping it empty is an expensive hobby. Renting a home is vital to investing in a home, so here are our tips and insights on effectively renting a home.

Renting an apartment by myself or through an intermediary?

A landlord makes housing investment easier, but usually eats at least one month’s rental income.If your investment apartment is located far away and you do not have a place in the area, it is often worthwhile to use a landlord. A 400-kilometer round trip to the dwelling already pays a larger amount than rent, as well as travel expenses and lost in leisure time.

Many homeowners also want to outsource all practical work on their homes. Managing 100 homes is easy from day to day, especially if the investments are geographically dispersed throughout this country.

However, when using a rental agent, it is worth paying attention to which you give your apartment to.If the apartments are located close to your own living space and there are less than 10 of them, it is worth renting the apartments yourself, if the time and motivation is just enough. Why so?

Improve your earnings: A monthly rental fee easily eats up nearly 1.5 months of income, but you have to pay for the month for which you are virtually unavailable.

You are likely to get better tenants. Unfortunately, it is often the interest of the landlord to get the commission as little as possible. The broker often selects the first paper-eligible applicant to be the tenant. For example, it is not in the interest of the broker to have a tenant as long as possible, as that would mean bad business for him when a new assignment would not come in the long run.

You can rent an apartment faster. Large real estate agencies are not known for their speed of response. As an individual, you can provide agile and personalized service to your tenant candidates.

Make a good rental announcement.

A good rental listing is not 3 sentences long. The more you tell us about the apartment and its benefits, the better. A well-done announcement also reduces unnecessary queries, for example, if pets are not allowed in the apartment, it is worth mentioning in the announcement.A good rental listing will say at least the following:

  • Apartment size and number of rooms
  • Location
  • Date of liberation
  • Amount of rent, guarantee rent and user charges
  • Is parking possible?
  • Pets allowed

If you find a dishwasher or a place for it, it’s worth mentioning, as is the washing machine connection in the bathroom. Need to know more? You can simply click here and get it all.

Check your credit history and require clean credit

You know how to sell your apartment better than a landlord. The seller must believe in their product. If you have bought an apartment, you will certainly see a lot of good in it and you will certainly be able to bring out the best of your apartment on the rental screen. You can complement the tenant on things like kitchen induction hobs or bedroom sliding door cabinets.

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