Greater Steps for the Perfect Polished Plastering


If the foundation defined by the project is of piles more than 3m deep, or Strauss piles (used when the water table needs to be crossed), a company must be contracted with the drilling equipment. It may be that the same company that did the polling also does this kind of service.

Define with the master how to make the shed, which will be used to save the material for the beginning of the work. Often the masters already have the material to make a simple shed, but you may need to buy hardwood slabs, fiber shingles, nails, two or three hinges for the door, and a padlocked chain to close it. You should never leave a cement bag in direct contact with the floor.

Baldrame (floor joists)

Baldrame, foundation, call it what you likeit’s the “foot” of the house. Remembering that “beams” are the same as the columns, except that they are horizontal, the baldrame is the set of interconnected beams that rests on the foundation. The greatest attention to be paid at this stage and the next (the construction of the subfloor) is with waterproofing, to prevent the future walls from having that unpleasant blue tone that displeases allergic people so much. You can simply click here for the smartest options here now.

  • Buy the bricks that will be used on the walls. The engineer and master can indicate which bricks are best suitednot always the best is the most common and cheap 20x20x10cm punctured brick. This is because the columns and beams must be, according to current engineering standards, 12cm thick.
  • The difference in the thickness of the bricks and beams means that you will spend more wood to make the shapes of the columns, because they will need to have a 1cm “tooth” on each side of the wall, and then that inch of wall gap will have to be plywood with plaster, which is quite expensive. It may be advantageous to buy 12cm wide bricks, but they are more expensive and much harder to find, which means you need to order 20 or 30 days in advance.

The Right Mark

Mark, still on the plant, where will wait for water, sewage (including the breather pipes, which must rise to the roof and are necessary to prevent bad smell in the bathrooms), telephone, TV and energy, which need to pass through the beams and columns It is not recommended to break a beam or column already built to pass pipes inside because it greatly affects the structure. A moment to think further: You need to define immediately whether the sinks in each bathroom on this floor will be column or countertop. This is because it is necessary to leave the sewage waiting for the sink according to the model for column, the outlet can be on the floor, near the wall, going straight to the siphoned drain, while the bench sink requires outlet in the wall itself, where the drain trap will be fitted, and the respective pipe passing through the wall and the lower beam.

Last Words

Buy the irons for the beams and also for at least half of each column. This is because the hardware of the columns is already tied and concreted in the rafters, and the staff then only ties more irons to raise the columns to the ceiling height. You will also usually need to buy cement, washed sand, Vedalit for waterproofing, boards of various sizes for the shapes of beams and columns, annealed wire, line, 17×27 nail, carpenter’s pencil, tape and square.

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