The art of acrylic paint medium


Modifying acrylic paint with mediums is an art and it creates wonders. If you simply understand it, it is nothing but mix acrylic paints with other mediums and positively do magic with colours. One mixing the acrylic with other mediums, it further becomes thicker, shinier, and if you require even thinner and textured. Take the assistance of Big Acrylic for using the acrylic paint in more creative ways.

Types of mediums:

  • Gel medium: If you have taken up a project which involves a lot of transparency like glass in a still life or a seascape, you may need to dilute your paint. But if you wish to dilute the same with water, may not be intelligent an idea. Even if you dilute with 1.1 rations of water and paint, still the colour may not be brighter and provide with you the best outcome. The best method to give it an appropriate look is the gel medium. With gel medium, you will have the benefit of less or no brushstrokes on your paint. The gel also will help to decrease the colour intensity of acrylic paint. Gel medium will work as adhesive in your paint too.
  • Texture medium: The texture medium represents its name and means the modification of texture of acrylic paint. There are a number of texture medium like modelling gel, beads texture gel sand texture gel, pumice, glass texture gel etc. Modelling gel is normally used popularly for creating a 3D pattern of the canvas. The modelling gel is made out of marble paste and works as the best adhesive to the surface.
  • Flow increase medium: The flow increase medium is to coolly increase the flow of the paint. This process has multiple applications. The most popular application is the creation of colourful as well as abstract drip and pouring effect.
  • Slow drying medium: One of the specialities of acrylic paint is that it dries very fast. Sometimes, very quick drying may be problematic for blending colour on the canvas. Therefore, slow drying medium will increase the drying of paint and give an impression of oil paint to the acrylic paint.

All three types of acrylic mediums have their enormous benefits and essentially based on the requirement of the sequences of the painting. It all depends upon the artistic imagination and creativity of the artist. There is no theoretical rules and regulations on the quality and quantity of the mixture of the acrylic paint. However, acrylic medium is very popular and essential.  

Jeffrey Morgan

The author Jeffrey Morgan