Staying in London in 2019 – What are the options?


For avid travellers, either business or fun, getting a place to stay can be cumbersome, especially if you are new in town. However, one can easily make London their ho

2e as it houses some of the most secure and comfortable accommodation facilities. Drake lettings provide a seamless process in acquiring a place to live within the metropolis.

Why Renting a House is Better compared to other Accommodation Arrangement

  • The beauty of having an apartment to stay in London is freedom. Visitors enjoy having to do things by themselves as the trill keeps memories alive. Short lets London can offer is diverse, with competitive rates as opposed to hotels with a timetable.
    • Price per head – if one hires an apartment, the cost is inclusive of anything and everyone within the premise. Other accommodation arrangements calculate the price per head; the more you are, the more the cost. This works well for families on transit. From accommodation goes as low as £49 per night. It also guarantees a TV, a fully furnished house, Wi-Fi connection and private bathrooms. 
    • It’s easier to host people over at an apartment compared to a hotel. The homely atmosphere provides a sense of belonging and easily gives room for homely activities like cooking and other household chores. As seen at all one needs is their personal belongings, and everything else will be provided. 
    • Most, if not all, amenities are found in apartments. Talk of a kitchen; utensils, microwaves and others. Given such provisions, one can try to do things his or her own way, with ease. This independence makes the stay worthwhile as it gives room for trying out the London culture and civilization. 

    Places on Can Find a Good Apartment
    Drake lettings have properties spread around London. There are accommodation facilities in Kensington, Bayswater, Earl’s court, Chelsea, Cadogan Hall, Churchill garden among others. This network covers majorly Central and West London, with good access to the city centre. There is also an apartment near Buckingham Palace at Apsley House. All these are fully furnished apartments and have a tenancy agreement that runs from a day to over 6 months. 

    Everything is provided with the cost inclusive, save for the telephone bills. The terms are affordable and are commensurate to the service provided. The ratings are high, with a 97% giving thumbs up for the service rendered. The apartments range from flats, studios, flat share, house share and houses.

    From experience, short lets London people and visitors look for include apartment in Fulham, Battersea, Regents Park, Belgravia, Lots Road and Westminster. The popularity of these places is security, prestige and accessibility.

    Booking a house is faster with Drake lettings. There is a portal on the website where one can request for a valuation. For a one on one communication, there are contacts on the webpage. The experience from other property management fields makes the realtor rank tops among its peers.



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