Protect The Environment By Using Natural Pest Control Methods


Try as you might, you simply cannot avoid household pests such as cockroaches, bedbugs, spiders, flies, rats, termites, red ants, and many more. All of them affect your health directly or indirectly. Bedbugs, for example, affect your life indirectly. They emerge from their hiding places just before dawn and such your blood. They first inject an anesthetic liquid on your skin so that you do not feel anything when they bite your skin. While sucking blood, they also inject a toxic chemical which results a raised itchy bump on your skin. The itching sensation caused is so terrible, that people scratch the affected area vigorously to get relief, without any success. Termites get in your house via ground to wood contact, which includes porch steps, deck posts, and doorframes etc. Some of them also enter your house through cracks in brick mortar and in the foundation. They bore their way into wooden furniture and damage them by eating the wood. If you notice sawdust like substance beneath your furniture. If you do not take remedial action immediately, they can damage your furniture to a point beyond repair. Cockroaches and flies contaminate food on which they sit, and eating these foods can make you sick.

What to do?

You can purchase anti pest sprays (there are different types of sprays available for exterminating different pests) and spray them on the areas where the pests reside. This will help you kill them. However, finding their hiding spots is extremely difficult. Termites, for example conceal themselves under your mattress and in fine cracks in your bed. Their wood like color makes it impossible to detect them. You can hire the services of a pest terminator company for the job. However, make sure that they only use natural pest control sprays to eliminate the pests. These sprays, apart from being friendly for the environment, does not cause health related issues in humans, especially aged persons and kids. You can do the task on your own if you are able to detect the hiding places of these pests. Find below a list of solutions that are organic and allow you to get rid of almost all types of pests.

How to get rid of ants

Ants hate cucumber, garlic, as well as mint tea. Put a couple of tea bags close to areas where the ants are most active. Put some slices of bitter cucumber at the point through which ants enter your home. You can also cut p garlic cloves and put them in the cracks infested with ants. For a long term solution, sprinkle some diatomaceous earth in places where the ants congregate.

Goodbye cockroaches

Like ants, cockroaches too hate diatomaceous earth. Therefore sprinkle the same in areas where cockroaches assemble. The above substance is harmless to humans and kills cockroaches within a couple of days. Although roaches typically hide during the day, do not be surprised if you see them coming out of their hiding places after using this type treatment. Prevention is better than cure. You can prevent cockroach infestation by keeping your kitchen and bathroom clean.

Bid adieu to flies

Flies hate mint. Put small sachets containing crushed mind around your house to keep away flies. Hang a mixture of eucalyptus, cloves, and bay leaves, wrapped in small pieces of cheesecloth near open doors and windows to ensure that flies do not enter your home. You can also put a scrap of absorbent cloth soaked with eucalyptus oil.

Purchase organic pest control sprays

An online search will provide you with details of stores that stock and sell natural pest control sprays. Purchase them and use them by following the instructions on the literature provided with the container.

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