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Top Reasons Why You Need an AC Repair Service in Houston


Houston residents love the sun, but not when it comes to hot summertime temperatures. If your AC is running too much, you may have a problem that needs professional attention. Recent news reported how the temperatures are high this year. And your air conditioner will find it challenging to keep up with Houston’s sweltering temperatures. To keep your ac in top condition, you must seek the help of an expert air conditioning repair Perryville MD.

Here are nine reasons you need to find an expert in 24 hour AC repair Houston for your home.

  1. Excessive Cooling

If your AC keeps the temperature below 70 degrees, you probably have an issue. Excessive cooling happens due to a dirty air filter, a leak in your system, or one of the following:

  • A refrigerant overcharge (too much R-22)
  • A partial refrigerant charge (not enough R-22)
  • Undercharged condition (no refrigerant charge at all)
  • The unit is not cycling correctly due to an electrical issue

A repair service can come out and take a look at your unit for you.

  1. Frozen Water Lines

Without water moving through your system, an AC cannot possibly work correctly. If you notice any frozen lines, call a repair service right away because if they are frozen, it means your system is struggling.

  1. Strange Noises

Your AC should be pretty quiet when running correctly, but strange noises could signal an issue. Whatever the case may be, loose fan belt or loose refrigerant tubing, a reputable AC repair service can find and fix it for you.

  1. Poor Air Flow

If your airflow is poor, either inside or out of the unit, there is an issue with your AC system. If it is in the outdoor area, call a repair service because this could be a serious safety hazard if left unattended. If it is internal to your unit, they can help find and fix the problem for you.

  1. Unusual Odor

While a musty, mildew-like stink is typical from time to time, a chemical or electrical burning odor could be a sign of trouble with your AC unit. A poorly functioning AC can produce some pretty funky smells, so it’s nothing to play around with.

  1. Damp Air

If your AC is working overtime and the air feels damp or humid when it should be dry, there may be an issue with your AC unit. A reputable 24-hour AC repair in Houston can help you out with that if necessary.

  1. Dirty Ducts

If your ductwork is clogged with dust, pet hair, or other debris, it could be blocking airflow inside your unit. You may notice that when you run the fan in reverse, air appears to blow out of dirty vents rather than clean ones. The fact that you see this when running your AC proves there’s probably a problem with the system.

  1. A Change in Temperature

If your AC is not cooling or if you set the thermostat at 72 and it is not getting that warm indoors, you may have a bigger problem than the two of you can handle on your own. A reputable AC repair service can help troubleshoot your unit for you. They will be licensed under the state laws in Houston.

  1. High Utility Bills

If your AC is non-functional, you will likely notice an uptick in your utility bills. You could always run fans or even invest in a window unit for just a few days until the weather cools down again, but calling a repair service will ensure you have AC when you need it most.

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