Long-term Strategies for Keeping Your Heating and Cooling Bills Low in Toronto


When in Toronto, you always have to be cautious of the weather. During the summer, it often gets hotter and uncomfortable. Likewise, during the winter, it sometimes gets really cold and unbearable. So, you have to find a way of keeping your home warm during the winter and cooler during the summer. Most people prefer to install HVAC systems. This is actually a good idea since the indoor temperatures are regulated irrespective of the season. When it comes to heating and cooling in Toronto, the biggest challenge is high energy bills. Luckily, there are a few strategies that you can use to keep the bills low—in the long-term.

Strategies for Reducing Heating Costs

  1. Insulate the House

It’s important that you minimize heat loss during the winter so as to cut on heating costs. For starters, you should insulate your windows. You can fit insulated curtains or use caulk. Additionally, you should invest in a ceiling to offer more insulation.

  1. Regulate the Hot Water Heater

Remember, your hot water heater will run 24/7 unless you regulate it. First, you should turn it off when not in use. Secondly, you should adjust the temperature to a limit that doesn’t consume much energy.

  1. Leverage the Sun

You could use the sun to your advantage. To begin with, you can open up your windows for your house to be warmed naturally. You can also fit solar panels to help cut down on electricity consumption at home.

  1. Invest in Warm Clothes

When it’s really cold, you don’t have to wear a t-shirt and other light clothes just because you have a heating system. Sometimes, all you need to feel warm is to wear thick but comfortable clothes. So, you should invest in them and start using the heating system less often.

Strategies for Reducing Cooling Costs

  1. Program the Thermostat

You should know that reprogramming your thermostat is critical as it helps in reducing the heating costs. So, learn to readjust it each time a new season arrives.

  1. Install a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan can substitute an HVAC system during the summer. A majority of them are energy-efficient and will keep your house cool when it’s really hot. The good news is that you can switch it off when not in use.

  1. Plant Trees

Trees are a great source of shade at home. They help to block direct sunrays so that your house can stay cool. So, think of planting some fast-growing trees around your house for this objective.

  1. Fit Blinds and Curtains

During the summer, direct sunrays penetrate your house mostly through the windows. You can reduce their intensity by fitting blinds and dense curtains.

  1. Open Windows at Night

This strategy works more like the use of a fan. It’s a natural way of ventilating your house. It allows cool air to get in and circulate as warm air gets out.

Often, all you need to reduce your home heating and cooling bills in Toronto are the right strategies. With the above basics, you can start paying decent bills each month while enjoying comfortable indoor temperatures.

David Curry

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