What You Can Do With a Finished Basement


If you’ve recently finished the basement area of your home, there are several things you can do with the space. If the finished basement has quality flooring and windows but you still need to add furniture and other features that will make the area one of a kind, here are a few ideas to consider.

If you work from home often or you’re starting your own business, you can convert the basement into your own home office. You can add office furniture like a desk or file cabinet to the basement, and if you see clients out of your home, you can prepare the entrance of the basement in a professional manner as well. For instance, you can install a plaque on or near the door to indicate the type of business you’re running. You can also add a monitor to the basement so you can see who is coming to the door and install a doorbell for the basement door so you can attend to clients right away. When it comes to decorating your office, you can add features like carpeting to compliment the wood or concrete floors or lighting that is both stylish and professional. You can also contribute to the professional or creative environment by incorporating music into the office space to make your clients feel more relaxed or improve concentration.

The basement can also be an entertainment center for you and your loved ones. If you and your relatives love watching movies or have a list of your favorite shows that you enjoy together, you can set up a large flat-screen television and sound system that makes you feel like you’re at the movies. You may also want to add a large sectional sofa so you can watch television comfortably, and install a professional-grade sound system to make each show or move more exciting. If you have enough space, you may want to consider installing a mini refrigerator or microwave in the space, as well as a cabinet or pantry area, so you can enjoy your favorite snacks and beverages while you’re in the home theater. This area of your home may serve as the ideal place for entertaining guests, which can keep the main floor of your home cleaner and allow you to maintain your privacy even while you welcome friends into your home.

Whether you want the basement to be used for recreational or business purposes, make sure you call a contractor to inspect the basement for you before you customize the area. Ensure that your electrical wiring is safe and in place and have the windows inspected to ensure they can withstand the weather. Ask your contractor to check for any cracks or openings in the walls and floors so you can avoid leaks, which can lead to severe damage in the basement area. It’s also best to make sure your basement is constructed according to local and regional codes so that you, your relatives and clients are safe while in the space.

David Curry

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