What is the Purpose of a Video Security System?


Intrusion alarm systems are an excellent theft preventive measure for the home. However, with the inclusion of a closed-circuit video security monitoring system armed with audio capabilities, homeowners have much greater control over the home itself and a stronger sense of peace of mind.

security systems smithfield nc such as these that are monitored by a professional company will alert the security company, emergency dispatchers and even the homeowner if the alarm is triggered.

However, their access to video surveillance lets the professionals assess the threat level and determine if the alarm is false before sending responders.

How Video Security System Monitoring Works

A modern home video security systems ames ia will record everything that happens in areas where cameras are situated. Certain models can be paired with motion and/or noise sensors to activate them when activity is occurring

Both types of systems have the ability to communicate video footage and image snapshots in real time to monitoring companies, police and homeowners via PC or mobile phone connections.

Emergency responders use this footage to determine the type of threat and to establish a tactical approach for intervening in the situation. If a crime has occurred, these video and audio recordings can be used in court as evidence.

Customers will also be able to see the feed and can let the monitoring company know quickly if the visitor to the home actually belongs there before action is taken.

As a perk, a security monitoring system can also be connected to a central system that can unlock doors if a key is forgotten or a service person needs to enter the home.

They key to getting the most out of your security system is to make sure you have reliable professional monitoring and high-quality video cameras connected to your alarm.

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