Top Maintenance Tips Recommended By Roofing Companies


Roofing companies offer routine inspections and maintenance services for a reason—they are essential to the functionality and longevity of any type of roofing system. These inspections typically are performed semi-annually to look for damage from harsh weather seasons and post-storm roofing issues. Here are some maintenance tips from the pros for homeowners in between routine services.

Regularly Take a Look Up

Look at the roof from the ground to check for any signs of buckling, missing roofing pieces, damaged drip edges, signs of algae or moss, missing fasteners, sagging gutters and granule piles at drain spouts and in gutters. These are all issue that will require immediate remediation to prevent further damage.

Routinely Clean Gutters

Gutter clogs due to heavy rains, melting snow and falling debris can wreak havoc on the ground below, prematurely rot the fascia and especially your roofing. If you don’t feel comfortable getting on a ladder to handle this task, let a professional tackle the task, especially after a big storm has hit or if you have a lot of trees near the home.

Trim Back Trees

Speaking of gutter-clogging tree debris, go ahead and trim back any trees near the roof line that could potentially fall during heavy winds or inclement weather. The experts at roofing companies will confirm that you’ll save yourself a lot of cleanup on the roof and in the yard by tackling this one essential task regularly.

Inspect for Proper Attic Insulation and Ventilation

It’s important to have both adequate attic insulation and ventilation while also checking that everything that should be airtight is properly caulked and sealed. Areas with flashing may need resealing, insulation may need replacement or a bit of additional materials. Addressing these aspects of your attic area while ensuring its ‘breathability’ will also help prevent ice dams and reduce moisture.

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