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Tips On Moving Into A New Home With Your Pet Bird


Just like humans and other animals, birds are also sensitive to change and may experience stress during a move. Preparing in advance and knowing what you should do to ensure the safety and health of your pet will help make their transition becomes smoother. A professional removalists Hurstville like Bill Removalists Sydney can offer expert help in moving your belongings so that you can focus on more important things such as the safety of your family and your pets.

Changes in behavior may occur if you don’t take steps to ensure the health of your bird and prepare them before the move. There may be loss in appetite, change in feathers, and even signs of aggression. Since birds detect sudden changes in your body language and tone, you might be unintentionally stressing them. Below are some important tips that you should know when moving your pet bird into a new home.

  • Choose Your Mode Of Transportation

Consider what type of transportation you will be using to transport your feathered pet and the travel time.  A car is the best mode of transportation since you will be able to monitor your bird during the duration of your trip closely plus you can try to retain some important daily routines. Bring their typical snacks, food, water, and ensure that the temperature is conducive for them. Never expose them to direct sunlight for long periods as it might do more harm than good. Cover the carrier with a blanket if needed. For airlines, you will need to check for proper paperwork and carriers that you might need. Some airlines also don’t accept birds so research first before booking. If you need help with transportation, at that point Furniture Removals in Auckland is perfect.

  • Pick The Carrier You Will Use

Use carriers that lower the risk of stress and injuries during turbulence if you will be traveling via plane and have enough space for your pet. You will need to purchase your carrier weeks before the move and have them introduced to the cage in advance to make them comfortable. Place their favorite toys or food in the space to reduce the anxiety of being introduced in a new environment. Remember to never place their carriers in the front seat of a car as the airbag might cause them harm during an accident. It is better to keep them secured in the back seat and never pack other items that may shift during the travel.

  • Preparing Everything In Advance

Pack everything in advance and only place essential items in the carrier since loose things could pose a risk for your pet as it may shift from time to time. All other belongings should be placed in a separate moving box that you can unpack easily upon arriving at your new house. Remember to keep your bird away from the noise and business of moving by placing them in a quiet room. Doing so will reduce their stress and keep them away from the ruckus. Also, feed them with additional nutrition during periods of stress as it may affect the colors of their feathers. Hiring a proficient removalists Castle Hill like Bill Removalists Sydney in advance is vital in keeping your move efficient and successful.

  • Look For A New Veterinarian

Most pet owners forget to look for a new veterinarian that is close to their home in advance. It is important to look for one in advance before moving if ever they experience symptoms of prolonged stress. Before you go on with your office meetings, a scheduled dental implants appointment, or to visit a friend, make sure you have a weekly scheduled visit to a vet to make sure your bird is healthy.

Final Word

Make your move easier and smoother by taking note of these tips mentioned above. A strong bond with your pet, patience, as well as close monitoring, will help your bird get settled comfortably in your new residence.

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