Basic understanding of pipe fitters or connectors


Basically in the piping system of plumbing works, the common factor used in order to make two pipes to connect each other, or to control the flow of the product such as air, water, solid, etc. with some material called fitter or connector. The main occupation of pipe fitting or pipe connectors is to install and repair piping or tubing systems which are used to convey fluid, gas and solid occasionally. There are a variety of tubing and pipe materials used which include, copper, steel, iron, aluminum, and also plastic.

Time to use connectors or fitters in a pipe system

There is a time to use the pipe connectors in the piping system in which there is connectivity needed for two pipes of different types. So, in that case, an adapter or connector is used in order to make the connection between two pipes. For instance, a threaded connection is allowed at the end of the adapter when an adapter is fitted to the end of a plain pipe. The pipes with different sizes are connected with reducer bushings.

Common styles and shapes of pipe fittings or pipe connectors

There are about several types of pipe connectors or fitters in the piping system. They are

  • Elbow
  • Coupling
  • Union
  • Reducer
  • Nipple
  • Double tapped bushing
  • Tee
  • Diverter tee etc

Measurement of pipe fittings in the pipe system

To determine the size of a pipe, the diameter of each pipe or its fitting has to be measured and also compared to the table of size identification. The outside diameter is important in the measurement of pipe connectors and there are defined number of threads per inch is present in each thread size.

Various types of pipe joints or connections used in the plumbing system

There are about many types of joints to connect between pipes in the plumbing system.They are as follows

  • Threaded joint
  • Brazed joint
  • Soldered joint
  • The welded joint which includes butt welding and socket welding
  • Compression joint
  • Grooved joint
  • Flanged joint

These are some of the pipe connectors or joints present in the piping systems.

Most common pipe connecting techniques

Some of the different types of pipe connecting techniques used in pipe system are,

  • Flanged pipe connecting
  • Parallel thread pipe connecting
  • Tapered thread pipe connecting
  • Sanitary pipe connecting
  • The flange connections are a press fit by inserting of a donut-shaped connector between the pairs of flanges. It will crush them to seal all leakage paths.
  • Tapered threads connections are used only with the small pipe connections.
  • Parallel thread connections are an alternative use for the tapered thread connections of the pipe. This is similar to the screw threads and machine bolts.
  • There will be the presence of bacteria, algae, and fungi in the processing of food, pharmaceutical manufacturing and in the biological research process. So for the quality control and in ensuring the purity of the product sanitary pipe connections are used.

Uses of pipe connectors in the pipe system

Pipe connectors used in plumbing systems are used to connect the straight pipe or some tubing sections, which gets adapted to different sizes or shapes. It is also used for some other purposes like regulating or measuring the fluid flow.

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