Pros and Cons of Buying an Apartment in BangalorePros and Cons of Buying an Apartment in Bangalore


Is purchasing a flat in Bangalore worth? The answer to this question depends on personal choice and personal situation. Let’s assess the pros and cons to get a better understanding.

Undoubtedly, the limits of Bangalore city have expanded and are still growing rapidly. It houses major IT hubs, so it is popular as ‘Silicon Valley’. Millions have been invested and there are popular institutions associated with biotechnology, engineering, research and science fields.

The city is well-connected with the transportation system, so you can easily gain access to banks, schools, colleges, and hospitals. Property investment is a long-term financial goal but it often depends on personal choice and situation.


Permanent relocation

If you are relocating permanently, invest in a flat is a great thing. If you are certain that you and your generation will reside in Bangalore city then check the Prestige Primrose Hills in Kanakpura.

The rates are cheap at the moment because the area is still under development but soon is expected to increase. Home loans can help you buy an apartment at the moment and you can clear the premiums with ease as you have a secure job.

Manageable finances

If your income is stable for a minimum of 10 years from property purchase, then you can plan to invest in an apartment. Managing finances indicates down payment given initially before possession.

Many loan schemes are available, which are affiliated with apartment developers and builders. This makes access to home loan easy.


Apartments within security-guarded gates and amenities are an appealing factor. Common amenities encompassed with the apartment at Primrose Hills include walking trails, children’s play zone, 24-hour water supply, security, maintenance team, and greenery around suitable for perfect living.


  • If your relocation is for some years then it becomes hard to sell your apartment.
  • With a home loan, you are unable to make a career switch.

Consider these aspects and ultimately decide on personal priority!

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