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Homeowners usually spend around $99 to $200 to hire a professional to clean their dryer vent in Las Vegas. So, on an average you have to spend around $150 to get it cleaned. If you hire a plumber, he will charge $50 to $250 per hour for their work and cleaning. In some cases, they charge more for dryer vent cleaning Las Vegas when teamed with other services.

As you dry your clothes periodically, the vents collect debris, hair and other waste which accumulates when the clothing spins in the washing machine. Hence, you should empty it after every wash, but unluckily, a lot of people forget to do it. Hence, the dryer vent gets clogged and lead to a fire hazard. However, you can avoid this problem via annual cleaning.

Problems of a clogged dryer duct

When debris and waste gets clogged in the vent, the exhaust gases of the dryer may create a fire hazard. This can make an otherwise helpful machine to a danger. Right problem problems like short circuit of the electrical system to overheating and excessive electricity bill, it can cause a lot of problems.

What leads to a clogged vent?

One of the biggest cause of a clogged vent is poor maintenance. Hence, you should avoid it and be proactive.

  1. Always empty the lint trap before putting in new load. It will help you clear the debris out of the appliance before it enters the vent pipe.
  2. Find out the exhaust vent length to check if debris is not building up. If you find any, then immediately hire vent cleaning Las Vegas service to avoid partial or complete pipe blockage.
  3. Other things which impact the functionality of dryer vent is the placement of your dryer, outside interference from animal like squirrel, rats and birds.

How to find out if the dryer vent is clogged or not?

Some of the signs to notice when your dryer vent is clogged are:

  1. Clothing comes out from the dryer hotter
  2. Drying cycle is long
  3. Clothes are moist
  4. The laundry area gets hotter than before.
  5. The lint fills up faster
  6. Bills rise
  7. Clothes smell musty after drying

If you notice any of the above stated things, then you should immediately call professionals to service your dryer vent.

When should you call professional vent cleaning Las Vegas?

In order to lower the dryer vent cost, a lot of homeowners call for the dryer vent cleaning services annually. You can also go for DIY method but calling a professional will be a better option. You should know what are the things to look for and how to clean the vent pipe from all the debris. It is a time consuming procedure and should be evaluated by professional help first. Make sure you hire certified technicians for this purpose. The professionals know about all the fire risks and will help prevent any kind of clogging, thereby lowering your expenditure for vent cleaning.


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