Reasons Why Sustainable Products are the Best


Sustainable products can be defined as those products that not only provide social and economic benefits but are also beneficial to the environment.

These products over their whole cycle, generally protect the public health and environment, from when the raw material is extracted to their final disposal.

Paper collective is one of the companies that have embraced the use of sustainable production in the creation of its products.

Being a print design company, paper collective usually operates on three main principles namely; sustainability, strong creative partnership and social responsibility.

Paper collective is fully committed to sustainable production. This means that the production of its goods and services are done through the use of systems and processes that are non pollutant.

Although there are no legal requirements for anyone to purchase sustainably, doing so can actually help you achieve the following;

  • Save money over the life span of a product
  • Reduce impact on the environment
  • Improve the reputation of your business
  • Address social issues that could end up improving the livelihoods of communities and individuals

The increase in demand for the sustainable products has greatly led to improved forest management.

For example, the sustainable design posters produced by the paper collective company are produced from high quality materials. These materials are often certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Through the seeking out and sourcing for sustainably produced products, paper collective has played a major role in the improvement of forest management in the following ways;

  • Involvement of local communities in the management operations and decision making processes
  • As a result of shaping the market for wood and paper based products, a great increase in the demand for legal and sustainable products has been witnessed
  • Environmental and social values related to forests have been maintained.

Benefits of Buying Sustainable Goods and Services

Some of the social and environmental benefits that you can get from buying our eco friendly Copenhagen posters may include;

Market Creation

By purchasing eco friendly products, you help in creating a market for new sustainable goods and materials.

This helps in the growth of the green economy hence creating new green job opportunities.

Carbon Reduction

By buying sustainable goods made from sustainable materials helps in the reduction of carbon emissions.

Trees are known to take out carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. Protecting our forest cover can ensure that we have clean air.

This is because, the carbon dioxide taken out is usually replaced with oxygen.

Waste Reduction

Due to recycling, waste sent to landfills is greatly reduced. This usually happens when products that can be easily recycled and reused are purchased.

Saves Money

Although eco friendly products can be a bit expensive than the local brands that we are used to, truth is, they can really save you money.

This is because, these eco friendly products are usually very long lasting. They also tend to be of better quality and more durable as they are made from recycled materials.

Preserving Resources

Recycling of paper can help in preserving forests and trees. Although paper can only be recycled six to seven times, it serves as an environmentally friendly resource.

This is especially true for paper manufacturers as it helps in saving costs and energy.

Saves Water and Energy

Recycling also helps in saving energy and water. This is because, making pulp from recycled paper consumes less energy as compared to generating pulp from trees.


Since the issue of deforestation poses a great threat to our environment, something needs to be done.

It is high time that other companies and individuals embrace the use of sustainably produced products.

Paper collective has set the pace. It’s popularity for the creation of inspirational and iconic graphic prints has reached both far and wide.

For every poster produced and purchased, a certain percentage is usually donated towards charitable organisations.

Clare Louise

The author Clare Louise