How To Choose Your Carpet According To Its Flooring

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The carpet has become an indispensable element for successful interior decoration. This decorative accessory will indeed bring a touch of originality to your room to give it a warm and pampering atmosphere. Nothing better than a carpet that goes perfectly with your interior and your pisosantiderrapantes. However, to help you associate it with your decoration and your floor, we give you this ideas that seduced us.

The Wool Carpet Warms The Tiles

With its amazing properties, the pisos de viniltipo Maderais renowned for being a very good choice for cold soils, such as tiling. It is resistant, soft, warm and durable, and is known to be an excellent thermal insulator (because of its wool composition), making it ideal both winter and summer. It will warm the room, and you will avoid the feeling of cold walking, which is particularly nice for bare feet. In addition, the wool carpet is hardly flammable and regulates moisture in a natural way: indeed, when the humidity is too high, the wool absorbs it, and when it is too weak, it rejects it. It is not only beautiful and comfortable but also a practical accessory.

A Concrete Effect Floor: Dare The Colorful Carpet!

Concrete floors or concrete effects may be particularly modern and trendy if they go wrong with your decoration can quickly become dark, uncomfortable, and cold, drowned under a wave of gray. It is necessary to add color keys here and there to energize the space. A well-chosen pisosmodulares is an ideal tip for warming gray floors and concrete effects: choose, for example, a plain carpet of color matching your decoration, a patchwork of the multicolored design model, or a giant shaggy carpet. It will become a strong element of your room, bringing a much lighter and even sparkling atmosphere. Play on the cloudy aspect of the shaggy for a feeling of warmth and comfort or on the graphic style of the designer rug to create a total urban look.

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