5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Wishbone Counter Stools!


While we can all wax poetic about how the wishbone counter stool is a furniture connoisseur’s dream come true, that wouldn’t help you any in furnishing it the best way possible in your homes. So, here are 5 ways to enhance this stool’s visuals while emulating it in your interior designs:

  1. With the right backdrop

Here’s an important thing to remember when furnishing your spaces with the wishbone counter stool: it can only shine to its fullest when it has a good backdrop to aesthetically lean on. The backdrop should mostly be white, but you can also go for related stone textures and laminates as well.

  1. Playing with the floor finish

The design of the wishbone counter stool is already pretty iconic, but you can definitely spruce up yours by playing with the floor finish. For example, you can match the walnut finish of the chair with espresso hued floors to make a stylish visual impact. Similarly, you can create contrast between white floor tiles and beech finished wishbone stools. You should keep in mind that the finish of the stool should be selected while keeping your floors in mind, as that’s the more permanent part of your home interiors.

  1. Adding personal seat cushions

The wishbone counter stool has a cozy design as it is, but you can make yours even cozier and more personalized by furnishing the seat with a custom pillow. The cover of this pillow can complement the rest of your theme but has to match with the finish of the stools as well. This way, you’ll be making a stylish addition to an already iconic furniture design while maintaining the integrity of your overall ambiance.

  1. Complementing with rugs

Since wishbone counter stools are usually used to furnish oversized and luxurious kitchen islands as well as beautiful breakfast bars, they’re located in a relatively non-functional part of the kitchen. This is why they can be perfectly accenting with area rugs. You can even select the design of the rug to contrast with the finish of the chairs. It could be bright, understated, bold, or dull, depending on the finish of your stools and the crafting of the overall ambiance! Just make sure the rug is placed in a way that frames the position of the stools perfectly.

  1. Accenting with the countertop finish

Lastly, you can definitely elevate the presence of your wishbone counter stools by accenting them with the right countertop finish. Here’s a thumb rule: there always has to be a certain amount of color contrast between the countertop and stool finish. For example, if you’re using polished Carrera marble, then the beech finish of the stool will look just fine. Similarly, the darker the veining on your stone, the darker the stool finish should be to contrast it.

These are the top 5 ways you can use to spruce up your wishbone counter stool. All of them are perfect for accenting this furniture piece and can easily be replicated in your own home interior designs.

Clare Louise

The author Clare Louise