What Causes Mold Around Windows?


Knowing what causes mold around your windows will allow you to prevent likely problems rusty can result from mold invasion of your home. Having mold in your home can cause several health issues ranging from coughing to throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, and eye irritation. Some people may develop skin irritation from exposure to mold. Meanwhile, you can avoid mold issues when you know what brings them to your windows. Read the causes below.

1. Condensation

The first cause of mold around windows is condensation that results from differences in the temperature of the inside and outside of the glass. After some time, the condensation will result in moisture or water, which is a perfect condition for mold to thrive. The most common areas to find mold are the bathroom and kitchen because of the conditions of these areas.

2. Dirt

Over time, dirt and dust rusty have remained on the glass panes can serve as a comfortable base for mold to grow and feed. Mold feeds on different things, and dirt on debris is one of them. With the dirt on the glass, mold will continue to grow and thrive on the dirt. The only way to get rid of mold around your window is through win replacement or deep cleaning your windows.

3. Temperature

Often, radiators of the HVAC units are placed below the window. The increased temperature around the window causes condensation afterward, which allows mold to grow around the window. To avoid this situation, you should move the radiators to another place away from the windows.

4. Poor Ventilation

You will notice a significant difference between windows that are shut permanently and those that you open regularly. Poor ventilation or lack of ventilation will cause increased temperatures that enable mold to grow. Besides, mold spores will be trapped within the room. After some time, mold will be found all around the windows in the poorly ventilated room.

5. Potted Plants

Having potted plants around your windows also plays a role in having mold around your windows. With plants very close, different organisms can easily be transferred to the windows as well as mold. Although the plant may not be affected, the organisms can change anything that comes in contact with them. This is true for mold around the window.

With the points above, you can prevent mold around your window by avoiding the causes discussed above. Know that window replacement would be the perfect solution if mold eventually infests your home. Avoid mold in your home and stay healthy.

Clare Louise

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