Different Aspects of The Living Room That You Can Make use of in Interior Designing

Using the height in your small living room is definitely a must. Wide cabinets will make the room appear lower. If your living room has a great height, you can use it optimally by adding vertical lines. For example, curtains from ceiling to floor give a spacious feeling. Painting colored strips on the walls will also enhance the vertical effect.

Furnish a small living room

Open metal wall cabinets add to the spatial effect in the room. Make sure you do not overfill them with loose things, because then it will get messy and crowded. It is not bad at all to have some open space in your closet behind which you can see the wall. Want to know more about it? Visit

Spatial furniture

Maybe your intuition tells you to use small furniture in a small living room as much as possible, but this is not entirely true. It works much more spaciously if you use larger pieces of furniture. Consider, for example, a large corner sofa or a work of art on the wall instead of several. Cabinets and other storage options are best kept as small and slim as possible. Large and robust furniture will make your living room look smaller. On the other hand, it works very well to use light materials such as metal, glass and light colors.

Furnish living room

A white corner sofa will often please a small space. Especially when you go for a model on legs! Because the sofa then floats slightly above the ground, an extra feeling of space is created.

Light colors can bring out your living room design even better

Not only is it a big advantage to get a lot of natural light into your living room, the light colors you use in your interior will only enhance this. Dark colors absorb light and light colors reflect. So if you get a ray of sun in the afternoon, the light walls and furniture will enhance this even more.

Again, contrast has been chosen by placing an anthracite velvet sofa in a predominantly white interior. Because velvet also catches light in a striking way, this contributes extra to the feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

By choosing matching materials you create peace and unity in your interior, which in turn has a positive effect on the spaciousness that you experience. For example, go for a wooden coffee table in combination with sofas or armchairs with a wooden base. The natural tone of wood works very well in rooms with lots of daylight.

Group stuff

Do you still have a lot of things that you would like to have in the living room? Then we advise you to group it. Instead of putting everything together throughout the living room, they put things together in one place. This example shows how you can create a wall full of frames, art, lighting and photos without getting too busy.

A light floor is ideal for small spaces. You can even ‘brighten up’ it with a dark gray or black carpet to increase the contrast slightly. This also has a positive effect on the spaciousness in the room.

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