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Different Types of Backsplash Available


A kitchen backsplash ceramic tile like BELK Tile mainly functions as a protective layer that guards the kitchen area wall surfaces against water and oil discolorations. These tiles are available in different materials that effortlessly add color, pattern, structure, as well as give a unique aim to the design of the kitchen. It is essential to opt for tiles that match the color as well as coating of the cooking area cupboards, the countertop in addition to the kitchen floor. Here is a guide to the different tile products that are available on the market.

  • Porcelain as well as Ceramic

Porcelain, and ceramic floor tiles, are stain-resistant, cost-effective as well as are available in a huge selection of colors, forms, patterns, and textures. Some of the tiles mimic the appearance of steel or all-natural stone and are likewise readily available as 3D formed floor tiles that provide an attractive look as well as include deepness to the kitchen design.

  • Glass

Glass tiles are translucent, non-porous, extremely immune to mold as well as give a contemporary look to the kitchen. These floor tiles have a reflective surface area, which reflects a great deal of light as well as brightens up the look of the kitchen area. These are offered in different selections like frosted, textured as well as tinted glass

  • Steel

These offer the kitchen area a bold, minimalistic, as well as industrial appearance. Metal floor tiles are really expensive, waterproof, as well as are available in matte and gloss finishes. Keep in mind that matte surface ceramic tiles are chosen over gloss coating ceramic tiles since the glossy floor tiles reveal scratches, grease, as well as fingerprints easily and require added cleansing.

  • Natural Rock

Instill a component of heat to the cooking area with all-natural stone ceramic tiles that are cut to a certain size. All-natural stone products like sedimentary rock, granite, slate, and travertine come in all-natural grain patterns that provide the floor tiles a special look. It is very important to seal these ceramic tiles periodically because they are extremely porous and vulnerable to capturing discolorations.

  • Cement

Cement tiles are typical, handmade ceramic tiles that feature bold, typical patterns that infuse a creative touch to the kitchen area. Nonetheless, concrete floor tiles are thick, heavy, and also must be regularly secured to make them immune to moisture and spots.

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Guide To Finding The Best Pool Builders


Every city has many swimming pool contractors and they are all different. This means that you cannot pick just any pool builder and hire them to construct a swimming pool. You first need to compare them before you decide to make a commitment. After all, your choice will determine whether or not you’ll get great results. It may be a great idea to create a shortlist of the top-ranked pool builders on your favorite search engine – and put our recommendation of this pool builders Dripping Springs company first on the list! Ideally, the shortlist should have at least a dozen firms. From that shortlist, it will be much easier for you to narrow down the search based on a variety of factors, including:


Nobody ever wants to hire a quack, but lack of due diligence often forces consumers to make this mistake. The first thing to check as you make your shortlist of pool builders, therefore, is the validity of the licenses held by different firms. You have to pay attention to the issuing authority of the license, the category of the license and expiry date. Only contractors with valid licenses should get any special consideration. This is because licensed contractors have met all legal and professional requirements, so they can easily meet your needs and expectations.


After creating a shortlist of local pool builders who are properly licensed, what you should do next is check the number of clients they have served in the past as well as the number of pools they have built over the years. Therefore, it is imperative you do your research to identify the most experienced pool builders in the city. Experience usually breeds competence, so the most experienced pool builders are usually the most competent. You may also want to check out the types of pools different firms have built over the years to find firms with the best experience.


It is recommended you do some research on the reputation different firms have developed over the years. Firms that are known to build the best pools usually have a great reputation in the industry, so it is recommended you read as many reviews and testimonials as you can find before deciding to commit yourself. You’re looking for a trusted and reliable pool builder, so you have to visit several credible review sites to look for client reviews and ratings.


The types of pools built by the shortlisted firms as well as their designs must be checked. If you need a public swimming pool to serve the residents living in an apartment building, you have to look for a public pool builder. Similarly, if you want to build a pool for a school, you need to look for a firm that has been doing similar projects for a long time. By checking the portfolios of the shortlisted firms, you can easily pick out the best pool builders.

Insurance & Bond

There are risks involved in any construction project. Therefore, you have to check whether or not a firm is fully insured and bonded before deciding to commit yourself. In case of physical injuries or property damage during the project, you will not be exposed to liabilities.

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Window Roller Shades Benefits: Solution to Large Commercial Windows


Modern commercial properties of all kinds generally have many large windows in them part of a selling point to brighten up interiors and make everything and every space inside look larger. With the beauty of large windows comes the task of window treatment services to cover the windows and reduce heat, glare and reduce energy costs in the hot summers in Denver. Your solution is window roller shades.

The Many Benefits of Window Roller Shades

Window roller shades are a great choice for large banks of commercial windows as shading and covering products. They carry many benefits with them just from the custom fabrication methods that use top quality products. As an added bonus, you get the ultimate in ease and function when you add automation to your window roller shades. Read on to learn about the many benefits of custom-made window roller shades.

Many Fabrics and Opacities From Which to Choose

The custom window roller shade is fabricated from different types of fabrics or screens in which you can choose how much light they let in the windows when they are closed–this is called the opacity. You can choose your level of opaqueness from 14% openness to 100% opaque and you also have 245 different swatches to choose from for your weave that you like as well as your color.

Blackout fabrics are a plain weave of a 100% polyester fabric with an acrylic foamed coating and an anti-microbial is added to the finished product so they are easy to keep clean and won’t harbor germs. You can choose blackout roller shades from a large variety of 13 popular colors to match your logo or just to have a nice color inside your window frames. You can also choose a 2 inch by 2 inch weave that is available in 10 colors as a novelty weave with extra dimension and depth in 25 different color choices. This tight weave pattern is very pleasing visually and the colors also include very bright and playful colors.

Why Choose Motorized Roller Shades?

The addition of motorization to your roller window shades gives you the customization that most all commercial building managers and owners crave. The standard type has wired motors with controls that are considered state of the art with decorative controls to control individual window shades, group controls to control banks of window shades at a time and all the while allowing you to have three preset stops in them so you can open or close them partially as you wish.

RTS motorized shades include a revolutionary motor that is radio controlled without any type of wiring needed. This system gives you even more choices of controls, including handheld remotes, wall switches, tabletop remotes as well as timers to program your window roller shades with either individual or group controls. This type of system also can enlist sun sensors for your Denver custom window treatments. Its revolutionary manufacturing can operate by the amount of sun coming in any particular window or by the temperatures that you set for them to operate on their own and close partially or fully when certain conditions exist.

This type of set up for your window treatments can be programmable for energy efficiency at its best with the sensor controls in place. The digital network can control thousands of motors on a single network, so no building is too large for intelligent motorized shades. The components are built tough to last for many years and you can use this in new construction or as an add on to a renovation job. The antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial technology in the fabrics give you years of use and makes them easy to stay clean without any maintenance necessary. You can also add signage to the outside of your motorized window roller shades with any name, pictures, wording or logo that you desire. This can help guests and customers easily locate you when they are searching for your commercial space for the first time.

If you are looking for window treatments for a new building or for replacement window shades, you can find motorized window roller shades with an outstanding choice of colors and shading control to cut out glare and heat and save you valuable money on energy costs all year round.


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Which are the requirement of installing frameless shower screens?


Decorating home décor with a tinge of class and sophistication is a requirement of everyone. Moreover, it would contribute significantly in adding elegance and beauty to your bathroom with a wonderful selection of frameless shower screens at its best. It will definitely capture your attention beyond attractive look. Therefore you contact Willoughby Glass in order to improve the outlook of your bathroom and deliver satisfaction with its graceful beauty. They deal with Custom Design Frameless Shower Screens, Premium Frameless Shower Screens & Doors, Frameless Shower Fittings and more in order to fulfil the requirement of multiple clients. Here we have discussed about some of the prominent requirement of installing frameless shower screens for a better impact and considerable outlook. 

Frameless shower screens are quite gorgeous 

If you are living into a traditional styled décor of your bathroom, then probably you can improve the look by rightfully installing frameless shower screen at its best. It does not require much of repair and maintenance and can deliver customised selection and installation services over and above. Along with that, it offers fostering textures and stylish designs that too under cost effective rates so it can add value to your bathroom arrangement. You can contact Willoughby Glass now in order to install frameless shower screen with utmost precision and comfort that would continue to maintain elegance for longer period of time. Visit their website for latest collection and consultation services regarding fitting issues. 

Frameless Shower Screens ensure cleanliness and hygiene 

It has been observed that with the frameless shower screen, you would definitely love its classic impression. Along with that, you need to clean it regularly so that it continue to reflect shine and lustre immensely. In fact, it is quite easy to clean and does not involve any kind of corrosive effect over and above. You can contact Willoughby Glass in order to purchase a quality and most durable glass frames for your requirement that falls perfect into your budgeted list. If you clean it regularly, then no stains or grime will affect its endless beauty. Check out their testimonials in order to conclude about their performance and stability in delivering services. They must be quick with their service delivery and provide guarantee in return.

Frameless shower screens are quite strong and effective 

When it comes to installation of frameless shower screens, it can slide easily and smoothly without any kind of sound distraction. Along with that, various collections are available. You can analyse those screens and determine if they can add considerable value to your current bathroom or not.  Make sure that it is installed rightly so that it can increase the space into your bathroom and make it look large. You can check out the latest trend in the market and the popular design that would definitely leave an everlasting impression over and above.

Therefore you can contact Willoughby Glass now in order to purchase an elegant frameless shower screens for your bathroom. 


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8 Beautiful Landscapes Tips for a Fabulous Landscaping Designs

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The Art of Landscaping

When you decide for a beautiful landscape to your lawn on a new home or if you just want to add some beauty to your existing landscape plan, you must realize it is a form of artwork that takes some advance planning. Following some ideas in the correct order will help you to be successful.

Landscaping Tips 101

Beautifying your lawn is a great job that is very fulfilling when it is done correctly. There are many things to take into account before you just start planting colorful and glorious blooming plants. These tips can help you to plan ahead and have a fabulous design in the meantime.

#1. Start In The Front

If you are wondering where you should start your landscaping project, it’s on the front lawn. This is the part that gives your home curb appeal and you will likely walk by or drive by it every day. It’s also the area that will give a warm welcome to your friends and family members when they come to visit you. Remember that curb appeal is important, but it also has to be functional in its design.

#2. Hardscaping Comes First

You should complete all your hardscaping project before you even start planting your plants. Hardscaping includes driveways, sidewalks, porches, decks, fencing, patios, and arbors. The reason you do your hardscaping first is that with these projects you will likely have the aid of heavy machinery when you are building them and any type of construction can compact your soil or damage turf grass that is already in place and your flower gardens as well.

#3. Make Your Soil Grow Soaring Plants

So, now it’s time to plant your garden. The best idea is to take a garden hose and outline your flowerbeds and then use orange lawn paint to mark them. Don’t make all your beds square, rectangular or round, but opt instead for irregular shapes, which will give you the best results after they are planted. You should add about three to four inches of organic material to your soil. You can use finely shredded pine bark, mushroom compost, peat moss, or leaf mold and then mix it into the soil to a depth of 12 inches. Loose and fertile soil encourage root growth on new plantings and it allows them to become established quickly. This addition to your soil will help you to have fabulous blooms and lovely colors in a perennial garden.

#4. Planning Your Foundation Plants

Your foundation plantings are the flowers, trees, shrubs, and groundcovers that are in flowerbeds near the front foundation of your home. Your goal is to add extra pizzazz to your home, but not to cover it up. If you have low windows or porches, your best bet is to plant small shrubs or groundcover in these areas. Round shrubs and small trees work well at the corners of your home in the front and this helps to detract the eye from a home that is basically a rectangle on the front. You should also plan a small bed in your front lawn for annual blooming plants to add instant charm to your beautiful landscapes.

#5. Move to the Back

The next area to focus on is the backside of your home. If you have a porch or a deck, it makes a lovely outdoor space for meals and conversations. If you want privacy in the back yard, you can either put up a wooden fence or plant large shrubs around the perimeter to create a privacy wall. It’s always inviting to have some plants near the back porch or deck area. Most often homeowners go with greenery in different shades that are easy to keep up without a lot of fuss. You can also add some large pots or hanging baskets with annuals in bright colors for each of the seasons for beauty and interest.

#6. Consider a Kitchen Garden

If you have a bright and sunny backyard, you can consider a kitchen garden. Fresh herbs are lovely all year round and very simple to grow. You can plant just a few plants of chives, basil, rosemary, thyme, and cilantro as these are among the favorites for fresh seasonings that taste the best in all of your dishes.

#7. Spruce up Your Side Yards

Side yards are generally little narrow strips that no one really sees or pays attention to. You can add great interest by sprucing these small areas up. Consider using blue pavers and bright blue pebbles to construct a walkway from the front to the rear of your home. This eliminates the need to mow grass or tend to flowers in tight spaces and gives your landscape a wow factor.

#8. Choosing the Right Plants

You will need to do a bit of homework so you can select the right plants. First, find out your planting zone to choose plants that work well in your area. Then study your lawn to see which areas have full sun, partial sun or shade, or complete shade. You can then choose plants for the right amount of sunlight and plant them in the corresponding areas.

This guide will help you to create beautiful landscapes to be the envy of all your neighbors. Remember to use irregularly shaped beds and include different heights, shapes, and textures to have the best eye-catching design.


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How to improve the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating with cavity insulation-by epc4less


Epc4less, a provider of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in Belfast, will shed some light in this article on how to improve energy by insulating the cavity wall of your house.

Solid walls

Solid stone and brick were the most popular materials used to construct walls in Belfast before the 1920s. The idea of cavity wall developed in Belfast after 1920 and further became popular after the 1930s. All walls around the outer perimeter of the building have two sides: The inner wall is also known as the masonry wall (inner block leaf) and an external wall, which is also known as the outer brick leaf or the face brick. The two walls are separated by a cavity that is filled with air. The building control standards did not require people to construct homes with insulated cavity walls before the 1980s. Therefore, the majority of homes built in Belfast, Northern Ireland between 1930 and 1980 had an empty cavity.

For you to insulate the cavity of a building, you have to inject insulation into the wall. The process of inserting the insulation entails drilling small holes (size of a pound coin) around the outer perimeter of the external wall of the building. Then you pump polyester beads mixed with a water-based adhesive with force to the holes. As you inject the mixture into the holes, the beads will fill the whole cavity because they move around window openings and corners. A mix of cement or another material matching the current outermost finish of the property is used to fill the holes. 

The process will increase the Energy Performance Certificate rating of the property. You can contact epc4less, by searching for EPC Belfast in your local Belfast directory.

Insulation of cavities of houses constructed after the 1980s

In the late 1980s, there were new building regulations in Northern Ireland requiring every house to be constructed with cavity insulation. For homes built after 1980, mineral fiber wool, Kingspan foam blocks polystyrene granules (beads), and polyurethane foam are some of the solutions used to fill cavity walls. The use of Rigid Kingspan Insulation boards and fiber wools are some of the most popular materials used for cavity walls in Belfast.

Impact of cavity insulation on Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in Belfast

According to Energy performance rating methodology, the outer walls can lose up to 35% of the heat energy of a home. Insulation of cavity exterior walls increases the Energy Performance Certificate rating by 5-10 points. However, the score depends on the size of the property.

Bigger houses have longer perimeters around them. Therefore, the larger the building, the higher the impact of installing the cavity insulation in its Energy Performance Certificate rating. Mid-terrace properties will have a lower impact on the Energy Performance Certificate rating.

However, detached properties, have a more extended heat loss perimeter. Therefore, detached houses are more likely to benefit in terms of energy performance improvement from cavity insulation.

If maximizing the Energy Performance Certificate rating is crucial for your home, wall insulation is something you should consider. Contact a local EPC provider in Belfast, such as epc4less, for a consultation and/or an EPC survey of your home.


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Using Round Shower Drain Cover For Tile Shower Floors


Australia has been hailed as one of the top choices for shower and bath accessories, products and suppliers. And why not? After all, the country is renowned for having some of the most gorgeous beaches, wildlife parks and adventure experiences in the world.

Shower Flush: One of the most essential items that you will need to have with you when visiting Australia is a round shower drain cover. These can be used for both washroom and bath use, but they are especially designed for use on bathroom drains. It is often used to prevent the water from sitting on the floor or spilling out of the shower without ever being able to soak through into the rest of the house or into the drain.


You can find these products for sale in stores all over the country. They are available in both brick and mortar shops and online shops. And wherever you go you are sure to find some top quality accessories for your bathroom, regardless of the place where you buy them.

Bathroom Flush: With so many baths being built with the latest technology, it is not surprising that they now come with water saving features. And because Australia is an island nation, it is not uncommon to find bathwater for sale that also comes with built in shower drain covers. This is one of the best reasons to buy bathwater products that contain an extra layer of protection for your bathroom waste water.

Shower Guard: Like bathwater products, there are many sizes and shapes of shower drains for sale. While they are often sold in smaller shops, you are sure to find an item that suits your needs. But, because they are made to fit specific bathwater designs, you should take time to visit the shop before making your purchase.

Shaver Holder: If you have a shaver and want to protect it, it is easy to find accessories that can give it a much needed fresh look. Many stores will sell accessory items that make it easy to keep the blades clean. There are many styles and types available in the market.

Shower Remover: In many cases, the drain on your shower is full of water, but you do not want to flush it out. Because of this, you should always make sure that you get some shower drain clean tools. Many stores will sell this kind of product for cheaper prices than you might expect.

Bath Pillows: When you want to relax in your bath or shower, it is important to help ease the strain on your back. Because of this, it is always best to use a variety of products that can help you relax. And you can purchase some excellent bath pillows that will help you for the rest of your life.

Personal Massager: Because this type of product is meant to be used on the body, it is common to find for sale in many stores and online. It is important to have this product in your home for those times when you need a little extra help. You can also buy things such as hammocks and pool toys to keep you occupied.

Tiles: There are many styles and sizes of tiles that you can choose from. If you are trying to finish off your bathroom, you will need at least a few of them to allow for variations. Make sure that you take the time to look around the stores and compare prices.

The Internet: The internet is a great resource for shopping for fantastic accessories for your bathroom. You will be able to find thousands of products that you can choose from and they will be sold at a huge discount. These stores will also have the best customer service that you can find anywhere.

Before you get to this stage, you should start visiting your local stores for items that are for sale. You can call them to ask about any special deals that they might have and try to get an item at a price you can afford. This is the only way to be sure that you are buying the right shower drain cover for your country, not just a generic towel or flip-flop shower cap.


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Create a perfect kitchen through Industrial bar stools


Your kitchen is incomplete without the industrial bar tools. Do you feel the same? Great, so which one are you buying? Are you facing some difficulties in finding the right one for your kitchen? Don’t worry. You are at the right place to know the variety of industrial bar stools available. Have a look at this variety and get hold of the one that you think is the perfect match for your needs.

Variety of industrial bar stools:

Here is the variety of industrial bar tools that we would like to share with you. This list will help you in making your choice. Within this list, you’ll be able to find some of the elegant and luxurious choices for your kitchen.

Backless industrial bar stools:

The first kind of these tools is the backless stools. They are simple seats without any back support available. However, you can still find different designs in it. The best way to choose one of the stools from this category of industrial bar tools would be to create a colour combination in your kitchen and these stools. This could be a contrast or even matching depending upon the other furniture elements in your kitchen and bar area. However, if you don’t find anything matching, then going for a transparent bar tool can solve your problem. It would look elegant and would serve your purpose as well. Similarly, white and black are the universal colours that can be used with all other colours.

Normal Back industrial bar stools:

Another option and probably the most obvious one id the normal back stools. You can consider them as high chairs with the back that you would see in the bar stools most of the times. This could be a good option if you want to give your back an ample space while enjoying your food and drinks. Moreover, they are best in situations when the kitchen top with which you need to put these stools is a bit elevated. Similar to the backless stool, a lot of variety in this category can also be seen. There are some specific designs of the back and some variations in the stand of the stool. Various colour combinations are also the part of the variety that you can get under this category of stools.

High back stools:

There are high back stools also available in the market that you can buy and make it the part of your kitchen. The high back stools make it easier for you to sit on them for a long time and the added support to the back makes you feel like a normal chair. In most of the high back chairs, you’ll find the arms attached. So, if your aim is to find something more comfortable to be part of your kitchen bar, then this is the right option for you. Not to mention, the variability in designs and coloursis also the part of this category too.

Low back stools:

You can also go low back stools to be the part of your kitchen bar. You can have beautifully designed stools in this category as well. The low back stools would make you feel like the real bar, and you can expect to have the same fun in your own kitchen too. In this category, the stools covered with velvet fabric are the most prominent ones as they give an elegant look to your room with the very presence of them. You can choose the colour of the fabric so high customization is possible if you choose these types of stools.


These are the varieties of the industrial back stool available for your kitchen. Again, the choice of finding the best piece lies with you. Considering all of the choices that we have mentioned above, you’ll have to analyze your budget and other such considerations before making a choice.

La Maison Chic has all the above-mentioned variety available. You can explore their store online and get the best stool for you in no time. La Maison Chic can provide the quality furniture item so you can be sure about the quality and design that you’ll be getting from the company.

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Different types of lightening 


Incandescent bulbs: Ever since Thomas Edison invented the bulb; the design has remained the same. A fine wire known as the tungsten filament lights up when powered by electricity. The heat is so intense that it glows brilliantly! These tube lights have a reputation for producing an immense amount of heat so it can be precarious to human touch. Due to the ineptitude of the bulb, many countries like America are actually planning to ban the sale of these bulbs for good. 

Track lighting: Track lights, as the name suggests, is a series of light fixtures that are tethered to a column on the ceiling. It works great in spaces like your master bedroom, a personal den or the living room. 

Wall lighting: Wall lights are a splendid option for accent lighting. They are the perfect, go-to option for emphasizing pieces of art on the wall or vividly portraying your sense of architecture. It comes in both small and big sizes, depending upon your space. 

Landscape lighting: These light fixtures work best in displaying the outdoor elements of your house. It could be a well-furnished garden or a collector’s piece that needs highlighting.  

Halogen bulbs: It’s an incandescent lamp that is frequently found in spotlights, headlights, stadium lights, etc. It works on the same mechanism as an incandescent bulb where a tungsten filament lights up via electricity. The only difference is that there is halogen gas contained inside the bulb. There is an intermittent deposit of gas into the filament that perpetually powers the bulb. As such, it has a much longer life-span than an incandescent bulb but they get heated up all the same. Also, there is much brighter illumination with halogen bulbs. 

Compact fluorescent light bulbs: These are undoubtedly more resourceful than the basic incandescent bulb. They are comprised of coils and gas. Electricity excites the gas which further powers the coil. A coating on the spiral coils gives rise to white light. They don’t get heated up which is a big relief. 

Light-emitting diode aka LED: Initially, LED lights only came in red. An LED is a semiconductor that emanates light when driven by electricity. A flowing current pass through the microchip, charging the electrons that refuse with electron holes, thereby discharging energy in the form of photons. They are one of the most powerful lights in the market today. is a one-stop shop for all appliances, including industrial LED lighting


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How To Make These 5 Simple DIY Bathroom Scents?

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If your bathroom is not smelling very well, you can always look for different ways to make it smell pleasing.

Below are easy to make DIY scents that can help keep your bathroom fresh:

Cinnamon Stick Candles

You need pillar candle (at least 3-inches in diameter), cinnamon sticks, floral shears, glue gun, and dish or coaster. Steps are: Measure the height of the Candle. Cut the cinnamon sticks with floral shears to size. It typically requires 20 lengths per candle. Run hot glue with cinnamon stick, fasten it vertically to the candle side. To minimize melting, set it to a low temperature. Once the first stick is dry, glue the next stick snugly against it and then repeat to cover the candle. Place the finished candle on a dish or coaster.

Baking Soda

You need one-half cup baking soda (per jar), essential oil of your preference (eight to 12 drops), mason jar, scrapbook paper, tapestry needle, scissors, and pen. Here’s how you can do it: Take the scrapbook paper and trace out the inner lid of the mason jar – cut out that piece of paper. Pierce the small piece of paper with the tapestry needle – it will make holes so the scent can waft through. Pour about one-half cup of baking soda into the mason jar. Add eight to 12 drops of essential oil of your choice – start by adding less oil. Add a bit more if not strong enough for your room. Place the scrapbook paper inside the mason jar ring and tighten it onto the jar. Gently shake up the baking soda mixture.

For shower remodel in Riverside, CA or bathtub to showers in Riverside, CA, contact DURACARE Baths.

And to know more about the different DIY bathroom scents you can make, read this infographic.

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