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Unbearable noise of hammers, saws and other equipment tearing through your neighborhood’s silence. Complete strangers tromping through your home with dirt and dust under their shoes. Birds, insects and rodents coming into your home through the windows. If this is your first window replacement project and those are probably some of the thoughts running through your mind but let me stop you right there.

Asides from applauding your highly creative thoughts, the reality of windows replacement projects are far from what you think they are. Hiring a professional windows and doors installation company makes your window replacement project highly efficient. Your window replacement will be approached in a progressive manner. Only one or two windows are taken out at a time and are immediately replaced. This way, there will be no vacant windows spaces that exposes your home to the element or animals.

Irrespective, it is important you know what to expect during your window replacement project. Listed below are what to expect during your window installation and how to prepare for them;


Your window replacement project starts from preparing your home. This includes removing window treatments like curtains, decorations and clearing spaces around the windows before the installers arrive. This will help create easy access and free movement for the window installation experts which will in turn hasten the pace of the project.


Your window replacement project will definitely not be as complicated as you’ve imagined. From prying out your old windows by cutting any ropes in the sash and removing interior window stops to installing your new window and ensuring it’s properly balanced and operational, your professional installer will ensure you get the best experience. To protect your new window from moisture and ensure the seal is tight enough, an exterior trim will also be put in place by the installer.


If your replacement window installation will require operations likes fixing rot, modifying window stops and cutting mull posts, there is a high probability you’ll be needing additional labour. Whichever the case may be, during consultation and measurement phase of the project, experts from the windows and doors installation company you’re looking to hire will let you know if there will be need for additional labor.


If you hire a window installation company to handle your window replacement project, walking through and inspecting of the installed windows is a critical operation you should take seriously before signing off the project as complete. If you find any fault in the newly installed windows, report such issue to your installer so it can be fixed immediately. Also ensure the window installation company you hire clean up the work area before they leave.


When replacing your windows and doors, be sure to ask important questions before proceeding. Such questions including asking your contractor about the warranty of the new windows you’re about to purchase. This will give you better understanding of the warranty terms and conditions involved.

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