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Window Roller Shades Benefits: Solution to Large Commercial Windows


Modern commercial properties of all kinds generally have many large windows in them part of a selling point to brighten up interiors and make everything and every space inside look larger. With the beauty of large windows comes the task of window treatment services to cover the windows and reduce heat, glare and reduce energy costs in the hot summers in Denver. Your solution is window roller shades.

The Many Benefits of Window Roller Shades

Window roller shades are a great choice for large banks of commercial windows as shading and covering products. They carry many benefits with them just from the custom fabrication methods that use top quality products. As an added bonus, you get the ultimate in ease and function when you add automation to your window roller shades. Read on to learn about the many benefits of custom-made window roller shades.

Many Fabrics and Opacities From Which to Choose

The custom window roller shade is fabricated from different types of fabrics or screens in which you can choose how much light they let in the windows when they are closed–this is called the opacity. You can choose your level of opaqueness from 14% openness to 100% opaque and you also have 245 different swatches to choose from for your weave that you like as well as your color.

Blackout fabrics are a plain weave of a 100% polyester fabric with an acrylic foamed coating and an anti-microbial is added to the finished product so they are easy to keep clean and won’t harbor germs. You can choose blackout roller shades from a large variety of 13 popular colors to match your logo or just to have a nice color inside your window frames. You can also choose a 2 inch by 2 inch weave that is available in 10 colors as a novelty weave with extra dimension and depth in 25 different color choices. This tight weave pattern is very pleasing visually and the colors also include very bright and playful colors.

Why Choose Motorized Roller Shades?

The addition of motorization to your roller window shades gives you the customization that most all commercial building managers and owners crave. The standard type has wired motors with controls that are considered state of the art with decorative controls to control individual window shades, group controls to control banks of window shades at a time and all the while allowing you to have three preset stops in them so you can open or close them partially as you wish.

RTS motorized shades include a revolutionary motor that is radio controlled without any type of wiring needed. This system gives you even more choices of controls, including handheld remotes, wall switches, tabletop remotes as well as timers to program your window roller shades with either individual or group controls. This type of system also can enlist sun sensors for your Denver custom window treatments. Its revolutionary manufacturing can operate by the amount of sun coming in any particular window or by the temperatures that you set for them to operate on their own and close partially or fully when certain conditions exist.

This type of set up for your window treatments can be programmable for energy efficiency at its best with the sensor controls in place. The digital network can control thousands of motors on a single network, so no building is too large for intelligent motorized shades. The components are built tough to last for many years and you can use this in new construction or as an add on to a renovation job. The antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial technology in the fabrics give you years of use and makes them easy to stay clean without any maintenance necessary. You can also add signage to the outside of your motorized window roller shades with any name, pictures, wording or logo that you desire. This can help guests and customers easily locate you when they are searching for your commercial space for the first time.

If you are looking for window treatments for a new building or for replacement window shades, you can find motorized window roller shades with an outstanding choice of colors and shading control to cut out glare and heat and save you valuable money on energy costs all year round.


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