Surprising Facts about Burglary and Security Systems


According to stats, a burglary takes place every eighteen seconds, which is close to 4,800 incidents per day. It is enough to make you become extra cautious and protect your own space, both home, and business. You can resolve it effortlessly by easy security systems. To convince you further, we present some interesting and surprising facts regarding the connection between the two.

  • A report released by the University of North Carolina stated about sixty percent of convicted burglars admitting of staying away from premises with installed security cameras. They preferred premises without these high-tech security gadgets.
  • Most burglaries happen during the mid-morning and noon time when the residential properties remain deserted. The children are off to school while the parents are at their workplace. Most neighborhood houses have the same story. Thus, any burglary can be committed unnoticed and effortlessly. But a security system does not let your house remain barren even when you away. You can easily monitor it on your smartphone.
  • The biggest concern is the power outage issue when most think that the security systems will not work. However, security systems work on batteries and thus continue to work even during a power outage. You can then be confident of your house remaining safe and secure.
  • Today, you can enjoy greater flexibility with these security systems, thanks to the mobile apps provided by the security companies. You can easily handle and operate your system remotely, check out all alerts, and even turn off any false alarm, right from your smartphone. Thus, there is no need to rush to the house for every small issue.
  • Many think of security systems as beyond their budget. However, it is far more affordable than you can imagine. Today, you have a plethora of options in just about every budget range.

Given these facts; it is wise to conclude that your home and business premises must have a security system installed on a priority basis.

Robert Killin

The author Robert Killin