Pointers to Keep Your Living Space Warm and Cozy this Winter


Whether a fan of it or not, the winter season is finally here. For those living in the northern hemisphere, it means adding extra layers to your home to keep it warm and cozy throughout the cold weather. Winter also means spending more on heating as the temperature continues to drop.

Nonetheless, spending on heating utilities is not the only answer to keep your living space comfortable and warm during winter. Check out these simple ways to keep your home comfortable and warm during the cold weather months.

Expert Ideas to Keep Your Living Space Warm and Cozy During Winter

Hang Heavy Curtains

Light-colored and sheer curtains are good during the summer months, but it will only do a disservice to your home when the weather turns cold during the winter months. Switching to heavier drapes is a must to keep warm air inside and the chill air out during the cold season. ;

Open up Curtains During Daylight Time

During winter, take advantage of the sun’s warmth as it is the most efficient natural heater. Consider opening your blinds or curtains during day time to allow the sunlight to bring up the temperature inside your house. Keep in mind that you close down your blinds or curtains once it turns dark to prevent heat loss.

Use a Smart Thermostat

With the right thermostat, your home will surely stay warm and cozy throughout winter. Home experts suggest purchasing programmable ones as it allows you to set your desired temperature even when you are away. You no longer have to worry about getting home into a cold room with this nifty device.

Throw in Rugs on Hard-Surface Floors

Hardwood floors are stylish, but you would not think so when it is winter. Apart from investing in a good pair of fuzzy slippers, consider throwing down some rugs on your hard-surface floors. Not only do they keep your toes warm as you lounge on your couch, but it also helps prevent any draft between floorboards.

Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan

Most people do not know that switching the direction of your ceiling fan is a game-changer in keeping your home warm. A clockwise rotation of your fan’s blade pushes the cool air upward. This air mixes with the rising heat making your living space feel warmer.

Have Your HVAC Repaired

Over the years, eventually, our HVAC system would start to slow down. Have your furnace repaired to make sure you keep your home toasty throughout the cold winter months. Contact your local expert and have it checked for necessary maintenance and repair.

Insulate Your Pipes

Busted pipes are common during winter. To prevent this from happening, take some time to insulate your pipes. The effort and money you spend on insulating them pay off in the long run. Besides saving you from any repair hassles, it also helps keep your home nice and toasty during the cold season.

Leave Faucet Running on Cold Days

Another neat way to prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting during the cold months is to allow your faucet to run all day. A slightly running faucet encourages water flow, preventing any ice build-up. Spending more on your water utility is worth it than undergoing major repairs due to broken pipes.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Most often, our HVAC system is working alright. But, our living space does not get heated properly due to our furniture placement. By simply moving your furniture that blocks your heating system, you can transform your cold room into a toast haven.

To increase the coziness level of your home, throw in some fleece or wool blankets and pillows. With all these tips laid out, may you have a comfortable and warm winter.


Jeffrey Morgan

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