How to Troubleshoot Common Garage Door Problems Before Calling An Expert?


Garage doors often have numerous problems which need immediate attention for two basic reasons. The first and foremost is safety. The most common and small garage door problem you may underestimate may cause you and your family with grave consequences even at the stake of life particularly of the children or pets of your family. The second is saving your money. The smallest problems in your garage door quietly may grow into a bigger problem requiring greater repairing of your garage doors resulting in greater expenditure. Get in touch with Premium garage door parts for the cheaper and best repairing of your garage doors. Here are a few garage doors common problems which you can fix yourself before calling the professional garage door service provider.

One of the common problems the owners face is the door closes partially before returning to its open position. Attentively see the light that is attached to the door opener mechanism. If the light blinks several times after the reopening of the door, be sure that there is some blocking in the sensor or there is misalignment. Both the sensors are fixed onto the door track around 6 inches from the ground. Try to move them by your hand or fix them lined up. There may be other problems like in the case of broken cable, track which is bent, problems with springs and pulley etc. In these cases, replacement of parts is necessary, and it can be done only by a qualified operator.

If the door is jammed shut and despite your effort is not opening, the cable may be broken, or the track is bent, or problems with the springs or pulley. You need an expert to fix them. In the cases of the door opening slowly than usual, the problem may because of a degraded, broken or warped spring which needs replacement by an expert. Often the garage doors make a popping sound while opening and closing. This is the indicator of worn rollers in your garage doors which require replacement. Similarly, most often the garage doors squeak while opening or closing. This squeaking sign indicates that the roller and/or bearings need lubrication. When the garage doors continuously make a scraping sound, there may possibilities of frayed cables which needs replacement. The scraping sound also is caused by a misalignment in reinforcement strut. You need to fix it by a professional service provider.

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