Four Kinds of Face Masks to Make your Skin Glow


Face masks are a great way to get a spa experience at your home. In fact, having a face mask on your face will give you the perfect excuse to relax a bit. After spending twenty minutes with your face mask, your skin will feel smooth with smaller pores as face masks provide quick and noticeable results.

The market offers many types of face masks and generally, you need to use just one product not more than 2 to 3 times every week. The only exception is an overnight mask. But, you can use face masks more frequently when you use various kinds of face masks. For instance, you can pair a honey mask with an acid-based skin mask on alternate days. If you are in the market for masks, consider face masks from Below are the different kinds of face masks you can find on the market to help you maintain a glowing skin:

Peel-Off Face Masks

These face masks are quite fun and easy to clean up. Although the market offers various kinds of peel-off masks for different skin types, you must choose one that suits your skin type. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin. Know that other kinds of masks have alcohol that can irritate your skin.

Sheet Masks

These masks are easy to apply and can refresh your skin. They are not messy and are ideal for any skin type. Also, you want to use a sheet mask if you are battling wrinkles, breakouts, and elasticity issues. You just have to remove them from their package, unfold them, and smooth the mask onto your face. After a few minutes, peel the mask off and pat and remaining serum into the skin.

Charcoal, Clay, and Mud

These face masks can pull impurities from your skin, tighten pores, and absorb excess sebum. They are helpful for acne-prone and oily skin. But, nearly anybody can benefit from a good clay mask now and then. Just choose the one that is meant for your skin type. Also, do not dry these masks out completely on your face. After they have dried a bit, wash them off immediately so you don’t dehydrate your skin.

Overnight Face Masks

These face masks are actually thick, sophisticated moisturisers that can help in restoring your skin while enjoying a good night’s sleep. They seal in treatments and serums for more effectiveness. Thus, you need to include them in your nighttime skincare regimen.

Clare Louise

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