Building Maintenance in Singapore: Why You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

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Building maintenance tasks are routine and periodic upkeep of your facilities. What this also means is you’ll have recurring maintenance expenses every month or quarter. To reduce your expenses, you might just think of doing the building maintenance tasks yourself. But there are many reasons why you should not do this. If you do not have the expertise and skills of fixing electrical wirings or pipings, you hold the risk of endangering yourself and damaging your building facilities.

Risks of Doing Maintenance by Yourself

Building maintenance tasks include cleaning filters of air conditioning systems, fixing tears and faults in electrical wirings, and replacing parts of plumbing systems. There are lots of maintenance works one has to keep up with, and the internet now has lots of DIY ideas on how to go about every one of them. Now, this is a very practical idea. If you can learn to do it yourself, why not?

But the downside of learning through the internet, of activities professionals, learned through courses and experience, holds risks of it going all wrong. And since you only learned it online, you might not know what to do in cases when things don’t progress the way you expect. Further, professionals usually implement safety hazards in completing tasks. You not being aware of these precautionary steps may cause injuries or leave hidden dangers in the completed work.

Building Maintenance You Should Never Do on Your Own

Structural Work

Faulty structural works can compromise the integrity of the entire building. These days everyone thinks you can just easily take out a wall for whatever purpose without understanding its load-bearing. There are safe ways of ensuring proper load support in structural works, and such tasks are intended for professionals.

Gas Appliances

Your DIY repairs should also never include fixing gas furnaces, ovens, heaters, or dryers. Because even when property owners turn off the gas and carefully manage the repair, there will still be high possibilities of leaks if the appliances are improperly reinstalled. Gas leaks are very dangerous as they can result in severe health issues, and even fire or explosion.

Electrical Repairs

You may think that it’s safer to fix poor electrical wiring yourself than leave it to cause disasters. However, electrical tasks are one of the most dangerous jobs to do, and that you should never do yourself if you are not a professional. You can get electric shocks, burns if you get in contact with live wires. Further, improper wiring may result in fire, power surges, and arch faults. 


Another maintenance task that you think you can do yourself, but should not, is plumbing work. And while replacing old faucets or fixing clogged drainage may be doable, but improperly doing or messing it up can be even more costly. This is especially true for plumbing works involving the sewage system or hot water pipes. 

Hire Professional Building Maintenance Services in Singapore

If you need to do building maintenance work, it’s always safer to call a professional. B2S Specialist Company is a leading service provider for rope access maintenance services. The work is efficient, thorough, and skillful, so you do not have to worry about any of the above-mentioned risks. Contact us today to get building maintenance services from one of the top building maintenance companies in Singapore.

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